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Volume 34, Issue 12
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    • Evolving Hygienist

      • Have you made a difference this year?

        At the end of the year, many dental practices take an inventory of supplies and equipment in their offices. But how often do we stop and take an inventory of ourselves? How are you doing? Are you healthier this year than you were last year, or do you weigh more and are exercising less than before?

    • Web Weaving

      • Final 2014 Web destinations

        If the saying is true, "Time moves faster as we get older," 2014 is the official year of being old for me - wasn't Easter yesterday? Endings bring about opportunities for reflection, planning, and goal setting. Many of us vow to improve during the upcoming 12 months. I don't get caught up in the year-end nostalgia and actually do my planning for 2015 in March. I want to devote this last column of 2014 to some of my favorite, dental related destinations on the web.

    • Encouraging Excellence

      • Staying upbeat with coworkers

        Work can be a real drag when you don't get along with your coworkers. You already have enough on your plate when it comes to keeping your patients happy, but adding in a dysfunctional work environment can make going into the office a dreaded experience. As a hygienist, you may not be the "boss" in your office, but there are some ways you can act to encourage a positive atmosphere at work. The positivity you emit will spread and make work more enjoyable not just for yourself, but for everybody in the office as well.

    • Comfort Zone

      • Ignoring the warning signs

        The other day I received an email from a dental hygienist named Julie, pointing out how much information regarding workplace safety and wellness has meant to her. Unfortunately, her struggles with musculoskeletal disorders are not unique, but the actions she took are heartwarming.

    • Crafting Connection

      • Baby boomers

        When a 19-year-old coworker asked me if I liked the new song, "If I Were Free," by Magnetic Zero, I gave her a blank stare. I consider myself to be "with it," so never having heard of the band made me feel out of it! It would appear that although my policy is to grow old in years only, there was a divide between my coworker and me. The realization that it was a generational divide hit me like acute oral infection.

    • Anecdotal Hygienist

      • The Flossing Files

        Last week a new patient complimented me at the end of her appointment about how gently I had flossed her teeth. Specifically, she remarked that she appreciated my not "snapping the dental floss into her gums like her last two hygienists." I thought flossing might be a timely topic for today's column.

    • Looking Ahead

      • Alert for viruses

        In the recent months, our country has been challenged by two major infections - non-polio enterovirus and ebola virus disease (EVD). Both diseases are cause for concern as health-care providers may be exposed prior to recognizing the symptoms, including while working in dental practice settings.

    • Infection Control

      • Dentures and aspiration pneumonia

        My grandfather had dentures. He used to pop them in and out for the entertainment of my children. The first time I remember seeing his dentures, they were in a glass jar in the bathroom. My grandfather cleaned them after every meal and took them out when he went to bed. Little did he know his routine not only kept his mouth healthy, but also may have saved his life!

    • Oral Exam

      • Supernumerary Teeth

        Timothy is a 10-year-old African-American child arriving for a general maintenance appointment. His mother assists in giving you an appraisal of his health and past dental treatment. The past dental history appears to be insignificant except for limited dental care.

    • Staff Rx

      • Dealing with Benefit Denials

        Dear Dianne,

        I've been a hygienist for 20 years in the same office. Our doctor is great to work with, plus he does excellent dentistry. However, one of the most frustrating realities today is that so many of our patients want only what insurance will pay for.

        Recently, I had a patient with early periodontal disease around her mandibular molars with bleeding and 5 mm pockets. When we did the insurance pre-authorization, the treatment was denied.

    • From The Podium

      • A closer look at the skin

        As dental professionals, patients look to us to educate them about their oral health. Today our roles have expanded to include oral-systemic health education. Patients visit the dental office more than any other health professional, and our evaluations should encompass the total patient. Head and neck cancer screenings are a standard of care for dental hygienists.

    • Public Health

      • CDC report on preventive services

        A new report on dental health was recently published with more good news for dental hygiene. Truly, the number of reports discussing dental health published since 2010 have been remarkable. This specific report was published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC not only focuses on prevention of communicable diseases as seen in the news, but the federal agency also works on oral health and disease surveillance and intervention.

    • Periodontal Therapy

      • What's in a link?

        Both my editor and I are a bit over the top when it comes to our dogs. Mark Hartley recently told me that he Skypes with his granddaughter just about every week, which includes holding up his two Boston Terriers so she knows who they are. My dachshunds are so spoiled that when I changed out the summer comforter on my bed to the thick and comfy duvet for winter, all four dogs slept in the following morning and weren't barking in their usual way for a breakfast food ration.

    • Haute Hygienist

      • Celebrating new prophy angles

        I always appreciate it when manufacturers offer a new "spin" (pun intended) on a product we use every day. I'm pleased to discuss seven new options in prophy angles this month:

        • Butler Prophyciency prophy angle, which comes in two different options

        • Waterpik Gel-Grip prophy angles in five different options.

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    • Editor's Note

      We may misunderstand each other a time or two during the next 365 days before I write the Editor's Note for the December 2015 issue. If it's just a time or two, we'll be doing much better than the communication I have with certain family members. The older and younger generations disagree about some topics. Most of the time they just gingerly sidestep - don't talk about "that." I do not mediate because I'm an editor. I believe in two things:

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