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Registered Dental Hygienist

Volume 34, Issue 8
  • Features

    • You just can't make this stuff up!

      Whether you've practiced for 15 days or 15 years, you've undoubtedly heard some real doozies. Over the past four decades, patient antics and actions have consistently amused me.

    • Snoopy talk

      A recent conversation was very confusing to me, and it prompted me to think about the "language" that different professions speak.

    • The choice of overcoming mediocrity

      We make choices each day that sustain us in reaching our goals or keep us stuck. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or complacent, then perhaps it is time to look at new choices.

    • Increasing the bottom line

      In business it all comes down to the bottom line and how we can make more with what we have. 

    • The career detour to a physician's office

      A few months ago, I accepted an offer to be the director of operations for a medical practice. Although working for a physician was never one of my career goals ...

    • Dental hygiene care for inmates

      Expanding roles for dental hygienists are available within the government sector. A career working with inmates is one option for those seeking employment.

    • Implanting a smooth process

      With the ups and downs of the economy over the last few years, along with other contributing factors, many hygienists are seeking alternatives beyond clinical hygiene practice.

    • Health span vs. life span for baby boomers

      "There are several things you can do to look and feel younger. All the experts agree, though, that the No. 1 thing is to be born later." – From Humor for Boomers

    • Senior priorities

      The December 2012 statistics from the United States Census Bureau once again confirm what some call the "graying of America.

    • High anxiety in the dental office

      A patient comes in with a full sleeve tattooed on his arm and proceeds to confide his fear of dental needles and instruments.

  • Columns

    • Reaching Out to the Underserved

      These programs change lives. They reduce pain, improve health and self-image, and promote self-confidence.

    • Let's get this straight!

      Today's column speaks to a phenomenon that I've been aware of for a long time but have never written about.

    • Are you a honeybee?

      Honeybees are considered highly developed insects with a society that is ordered, complex, and synergistic.

    • Dental strategies for osteoporosis drugs

      A recent two-day whirlwind trip to New York City left my head spinning as I sought to comprehend the complex world of prescribing behavior by physicians who write prescriptions for bisphosphonates and RANK-L inhibitors.

    • Online inspiration

      The topic for a column is often gleaned from reading, listening, and asking questions of colleagues.

    • Less time, lower standards

      I figure that you've worked in many different offices, so I wondered what your experience has been regarding different insurance companies and treatment planning. 

    • Specialist in dental oncology

      This month I will spotlight a dental hygienist who works in a particularly interesting setting – a cancer center.

    • Seating options

      The ideal sit/stand device allows a clinician to sit up higher and closer to the patient, maintain a healthy lumbar curve in the spine, and keep the pelvis in neutral.

    • Verrucous Carcinoma

      Your patient is William, a 79-year-old male who is the father of an established patient. He is visiting the family in the United States while on a trip from France.

    • MRSA and MSSA in the Dental Setting

      When we hear people's stories, it sometimes inspires us to take a stand, to make a change, and to do what we knew was right in the first place.

    • Candy, bad breath products

      Simply Xylitol is a unique line of sugar-free treats. What makes them unique? They are the most delicious xylitol treats I have ever tasted, and they come in an amazing variety.

  • Departments

    • Spotlight

      She is a 1985 graduate from Delta College University Center in Michigan. While in high school, she was permitted to shadow a local dentist in a co-op program and fell in love with the profession.

    • Editor's Note

      Only two months separate the celebrations of the two main awards that RDH participates in every year.

    • Product Report

      EcoClean USA, Inc. recently launched Genesis, a disinfectant generator for dental offices that takes regular tap water and minerals and electrolyzes, creating a "hypochlorous" disinfectant.

    • CE Course

      • Contributing Factors to the Oral Effects of Schizophrenia

        Oral health is linked to overall health and is a window to a person's general state of well-being. Recent research has demonstrated that many systemic disorders present with oral manifestations and that poor oral health may be a sign of underlying systemic diseases.

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