RDH eVillage - Jun 7th, 2024
Career fulfillment is possible! | The dangers of insulin resistance
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June 7, 2024

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When is it time to refer a patient to a periodontist? Here's a list of common clinical findings and risk factors to help with that decision.
If you feel it's time for a change in your hygiene career, ask yourself these questions to give you direction on your new path.

As a registered dental hygienist, you’ve got so much to be proud of. Your commitment to patients and practices continues day after day. That’s why we at Crest + Oral-B support you with practical resources to keep you at the cutting edge of your craft, and help you connect with patients in meaningful ways.

Moving your career forward takes some planning on your part. But the people you'll meet and knowledge you'll gain will make it all worthwhile.
Another group of Philips Heart to Hands Award winners will be honored at 2024 RDH Under One Roof. What is the award, and why might you want to become a part of it?
Educating patients about glucose levels as part of the hygiene appointment can help guide them toward better lifestyle choices. Decreasing sugar is a good place to start.
This CE course reviews the available evidence regarding the efficacy of platelet concentrates in enhancing soft and hard tissue healing in periodontal therapy and establishes best protocols for their implementation.