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Product Report


Product Report  

Oral cleanser targets bacteria

03/13/2015 A study led by Marjorie Jeffcoat, DMD, who is the professor and dean emeritus at the University o...

Renaissance and remineralization: Home and abroad, two developing products could change dental landscape


Home and abroad, two developing products could change dental landscape

Drug-addicted boss: How should dental staff react

03/13/2015 I have serious concerns that my boss is abusing drugs, possibly prescription narcotics and/or ant...

'Blueprints' for hygiene care: Rutledge’s course helps identify nonsurgical perio cases

03/13/2015 The practice of dental hygiene has changed in exciting but alarming ways in 2015. The hygienist k...

Does My Mouth Show My Age?

03/13/2015 Geriatric individuals comprise the most rapidly growing population segment in the U.S. The unique...

The Invisible Population: Dental hygienists providing care in a skilled nursing facility is something Florence would approve of

03/13/2015 Dental hygienists providing care in a skilled nursing facility is something Florence would approv...

Spotlight Series

Spotlight on Ergonomics

Anne Guignon, RDH, is the author of the “Comfort Zone” column in RDH magazine. The column typically focuses on ergonomic issues within the dental hygiene operatory. This selection of articles prepared for you addresses hygienists purchasing equipment to protect their occupational health, employer mandates to purchase magnification devices in the dental setting, and agreeing to terms with employers about the purchase of ergonomic equipment. As you move forward in preserving your occupational health, take a moment to become more aware of other issues that arise in the health-care professional...

Dental Hygiene

American Eagle Instruments names clinical educators

American Eagle Instruments announces the launch of its Dental Hygiene Clinical Educator team, nam...

Oral health of special needs children prompts hygienist to develop school-based program

On one typical day in the dental office — amidst the sounds of ringing phones, talking people, an...

Alliance for Smiles Bangladesh Mission Trip, February 2015

Mary Jensen, RDH, describes her experience helping underserved children with cleft lips and cleft...

TBT Troubleshooter: Incompetent dentist has team concerned; what can they do to stop him?

Today's Thursday Troubleshooter is a blast from the past! This dental team is concerned that the ...

Dental Impact 2015: RDH Under One Roof seminar plans to serve the homeless

Each year, RDH Under One Roof conference attendees chooses a public health project to participate...




Volume 35, Issue 3

Dental Awards

Now accepting nominations for the Sunstar / RDH Award of Distinction

Hygiene Therapies

Dental implants: Failure risks and promising developments

What causes implants to fail in some patients but not others? Periodontitis plays a role, as do l...

Advancing the understanding of the dental microbiome

Can probiotics help oral health? The human body is colonized by an incredibly large amount of bac...

Study compares Canary System with bitewing radiography

How to Become a Dental Hygienist




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