Alicia Murria, RDH

RDH Influencer of the Month: Alicia Murria, RDH

Feb. 6, 2020
RDH Community Connections (RCC) is way to connect with the new and exciting things happening at RDH. Follow our RCC influencers on social media for the latest updates. Let’s meet one of them now!

Why did you begin a career in dental hygiene?

I was always riddled with decay, as my nickname is “SugarBear.” I had so many opportunities to encounter dental professionals, which motivated me at an early age to become one. As a professional, I began to get burned out on the day-to-day tasks as an RDH and started to use dental hygiene associations and continuing education conferences as an outlet. After connecting and collaborating with other hygienists, I found that there were multiple avenues in dental hygiene that can be as fulfilling as clinical care.

For the past three years, I have been speaking on topics such as trusting the process, the oral-systemic link, the inflammation-prevention specialist, orthodontics, human trafficking, and airway disorders. I am extremely passionate about several topics in dentistry and take continuing education to further my knowledge on each topic listed. Approximately two years ago, my team and I founded Hygienists for Humanity and have been on a mission to connect individuals and communities experiencing homelessness gain access to oral hygiene products and services. We travel to continuing education conferences to collect unwanted personal and oral hygiene products from the exhibitors and attendees, and we donate to neighboring shelters. Ultimately, we will be able to offer dental hygiene services at each conference.

Recently, I was recognized at the Greater New York Dental Meeting as a DentaQuest Health Equity Hero for my work with Hygienists for Humanity. DentaQuest recognizes change makers and community leaders who challenge their peers to address oral-health disparities to make a healthier and stronger nation.

What causes do you advocate on social media?

Oral-systemic health, public health, advocacy for access to care, ortho/hygiene connection, trusting the process, career excellence, and Hygienists for Humanity.

Do you have a goal?

My long-term goal is to grow Hygienists for Humanity and help as many people as possible gain access to dental hygiene care. My short-term goal is to grow as a public speaker and motivate other hygienists to get more from their career by considering themselves health-care providers.

Facebook: Alicia Murria RDH

Instagram: @aliciamurriardh

Twitter: @aliciamurriardh

LinkedIn: Alicia Murria

Email: [email protected]

Years in dental hygiene: 7

Are you still practicing clinical dental hygiene? Yes

Type of Practice: General

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