Uor Ambassador Lea Lackey

Meet UOR Top Ambassador Leah Lackey, BS, RDH

Dec. 1, 2020
Leah Lackey, who won an award for referring the most first-time attendees to RDH Under One Roof in 2020, explains what she loves about this one-of-a-kind conference.

Over two decades, dental hygienists have helped us grow RDH Under One Roof from a small event to one of dental hygiene’s most beloved and anticipated conferences. To say thank you, our team started the UOR Ambassador Program, which rewards hygienists who spread the word about UOR. In 2020, Leah Lackey, BS, RDH, referred the most first-time attendees to UOR. Thank you, Leah!

Why was it important for you to share the UOR experience with your colleagues?

I attended my first RDH UOR to see if this conference really did live up to all of the hype. Well, it did! I have been singing its praises ever since. This is the only conference and exhibition that focuses solely on dental hygienists. No need to search through the course catalog to see which sessions are specifically about hygiene, because at this conference, they all are! You have the opportunity to earn up to 18 CE credits over the three days of sessions and workshops.
Time and time again, I would hear from hygienists who were burned out and ready for a change, but I left UOR with a renewed passion for my career. I had the opportunity to listen and interact with fellow hygienists whom I admire.

There are great opportunities to network, learn about new products, and try out the latest and greatest additions in the dental hygiene world. There are more than 125 vendors at this event ready to help you make the best decision about what products you should use and recommend to your patients. They have show specials and a lot of swag that the vendors generously donate each year. I learned early on that I need to bring extra luggage to put all my samples in to get them home!

There are networking events put on by the sponsors, with complimentary food and drinks. The scavenger hunt is a fun activity that allows you to be entered for a cash prize, and the after-party events are the best—a great way to have fun with friends, let your hair down after the sessions you have attended, relax, and unwind. This is by far the best conference I have ever been to, and you can count on me returning year after year. 

To learn more about the ambassador program, visit rdhunderoneroof.com.