Anne Duffy

RCC Spotlight: Dental entrepreneur Woman (DeW)

March 1, 2021
Women make up a large percentage of the dental workforce but don’t always receive the appreciation and respect they deserve. DeW Life magazine empowers, inspires, and supports all women in dentistry.

When you are down and out, call a DeW. When you are celebrating your wins, call a DeW. When you need a gig, call a DeW.

But . . . what in the world is a DeW? Quite simply, a DeW is a “Dental entrepreneur Woman.” And DeW Life is a women’s lifestyle magazine for all women in dentistry.

In 2016, hygienist Anne Duffy realized that women in dentistry—although “smart, driven, accomplished, generous, and self-starters”—did not always receive the appreciation or respect they deserved. She decided it was “time to inspire women in the dental industry; time to fill a pipeline of female leaders; time to highlight women in our field; time to connect friends and colleagues; time to highlight their achievements. Time to raise all women!” It was time for DeW Life magazine to be born.

DeW Life magazine began as a way to highlight women, but quickly morphed into a movement that not only highlights but also inspires, empowers, and connects all women in all career paths in dentistry. Its goal is “to inspire and highlight women in dentistry and to be true to our shared commitment of being our best in all things, using our gifts for others while taking care of ourselves.”

Feeling connected with one another can be tricky in this time of pandemic. Dental meetings and in-person courses have been cancelled, and many of us miss the energy that comes from meeting with fellow dental professionals. But although we may not be able to meet in person, we can still find support, advice, encouragement, and camaraderie virtually. DeW Life magazine is the perfect way to fill that void and connect with others in the dental field.

“Together we are stronger. Together we can accomplish our goals of using our talents to serve ourselves and others in our industry.”

To find out more about DeW Life or to subscribe, go to Other ways to connect:

  • Instagram: @DeWlifemag
  • Facebook: @DeWlifemag
  • Twitter: @DeWlifemag

The principles of DeW

  • Look for opportunities to build on your strengths.
  • Just DeW it.
  • Fake it until you believe it.
  • Good DeWs find good DeWs!
  • Be kind. Don’t be a jerk.
  • Honor people in the absence. No gossiping.
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt. No judging.
  • “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Luke 12:48
  • Start and don’t stop. DeWs never retire.
  • Never give up on your dreams.