Amber Metro-Sanchez enjoys a recent visit to Siesta Key, Florida.

RDH Advisory Board Spotlight: Sonya Dunbar, MHA, RDH, and Amber Metro-Sanchez, BA, RDH

March 31, 2022
Find out why Sonya Dunbar and Amber Metro-Sanchez would never trade their chosen profession. Their patients and having an impact make the challenges worthwhile.

Amber Metro-Sanchez, BA, RDH

What has been your hardest lesson?

The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn is that things don’t always turn out as you expect them to, no matter how hard you work. I did not pass my clinical exam for dental hygiene the first time, but I persevered and passed the second time. Then it took me six months to find a dental hygiene position after getting my license, and that position was only for two days per week. It was a rough start for me in this profession, but I learned that if I wanted to achieve my goal, I had to give it my everything. Dental hygiene has definitely been worth it for me!

Why would you choose dental hygiene all over again?

Dental hygiene has become such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine being without it. I feel like my patients value me so much and genuinely look forward to receiving care from me. I have met so many people that I never would have come across otherwise, and they’ve had a profound impact on my life. The pandemic and the resulting dental hygiene shortage make me feel like every dental office I’ve worked with truly appreciates my very presence. Every day I treat my patients I know that I’m making a difference, whether it’s improving someone’s oral health, being there with kind words, or just listening to people’s concerns.

Sonya Dunbar, MHA, RDH, “The Detox Coach”

What is your focus for 2022?

My focus is to live to my total capacity, step outside of my comfort zone, and expand my boundaries. I plan to launch my Detox Thinking coaching business to help others reach their full potential. I’ve learned throughout my life, and from working with older adults, that what you think and say about yourself is what you become. Many people unconsciously think negative things about themselves, and this can lead to negative self-talk, which is toxic and unhealthy. My focus for 2022 is to help as many people as I can overcome “stinking thinking” through one-on-one coaching and online courses.

Why would you choose dental hygiene all over again?

The top three top reasons I would choose this fantastic profession all over again are: (1) It allowed me the flexibility to be active in my three children's lives while they were in school. (2) It opened doors for me to become an international speaker and coach and granted me the opportunity to open my mobile dental practice. (3) Dental hygiene gave me the honor of having an impact on our most vulnerable population—the geriatric community in long-term care facilities. As a dental hygienist, what I do has a direct impact on aging adults' quality of life. Being able to educate, motivate, and communicate the importance of proper oral care is critical to their quality of life. Being the Geriatric Tooth Fairy has allowed me to be the voice of those whose voices have become a whisper.