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This got you talking: What's your take on RDHs administering Botox?

May 13, 2024
Should RDHs be able to administer Botox? The RDH community had a lot to say on social media.

Most people associate Botox with the desire to eliminate wrinkles or the inability to convey a sense of surprise (when administered incorrectly). Additionally, most think of a dermatologist's office or medspa as the go-to place to receive treatment. However, this wonder drug is now being used to treat neck spasms, sweating, overactive bladder, lazy eye, bruxism, and other conditions.1

Given the training registered dental hygienists receive on injection technique and head/neck anatomy, some states have passed legislation that allows RDHs to administer Botox in a dental setting.2 In our popular weekly feature on social, we recently asked, "What's your take on RDHs administering Botox?" Here's a look at what readers had to say:

I want it for sure. For me it’s more the principle that we should be able to administer based on our education and clinical skill. Our extensive knowledge of facial anatomy as well as interest in aesthetics makes us great potential providers. – April A.

It should have always been an option for us. – Lacey C.

I'm into changing people’s oral hygiene habits so they can live a healthy, longer life. I'm not here to make someone look like a blowfish. Most offices are backed up on hygiene, I wouldn't want anything else blocking up my schedule to where I can’t see regular patients. Also, there’s a huge liability aspect here, would my regular liability coverage take this on as well? – Kayle E.

The ability to administer nueromodulators is about elevating our profession as health-care providers. No longer should we apologize for who we are or who we want to become. Hygienists have skills and knowledge that can propel us into many different settings ... it’s time to elevate! – Erin H.

Yes! Absolutely yes to all expanded functions. – Tammy D.

We are taught in depth about the facial muscle & nerve anatomy. It would absolutely be an easy thing for us to add. I would love the opportunity to use it in office! – Kristel H.

I think it's an awesome opportunity for an expanded scope of practice and with proper education and training! With the national shortage of hygienists it could be an additional motivator to join the field. – Kara E.


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