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RCC influencer of the month: Caitlyn Rastetter, RDH

Aug. 1, 2020
RDH Community Connections (RCC) is a way to connect with the new and exciting things happening at RDH. Follow our RCC influencers on social media for the latest updates. Let's meet one of them now!

Why did you begin a career in dental hygiene?

I am the founder and “chief toothy officer” at Dental Hygiene Nation (DHN). DHN started as a twitter page, @dthyproblems, which is still active today. I created the page in college because so many other professions had representation on social media platforms. I wanted our profession to have resources like that, to help dental professionals bond over through our common struggles, laughs, and aspirations.

I also noticed that messaging from most medical companies was targeted toward hospitals; I felt that no company was speaking to me as a dental professional. I was so excited to become a dental hygienist but felt like no one in the world was celebrating with me. Then came Dental Hygiene Nation! With a love for graphic design (which I almost went to school for) I created apparel and wrote blogs that spoke to my dental family, creating a place where dental professionals were the focus. Today, we have apparel, accessories, scrubs, and our subscription box, DHN’s 4910. We have grown so much over the last five years, even more than I ever imagined. The dental community is a special community that should be celebrated every day, and I hope DHN sparks that joy in your career.

What causes do you advocate on social media?

My goal for DHN is to provide a place to feel a part of something. So many of us in dentistry go through the same struggles, but we might not ever meet. DHN is a place on social media to laugh about the common things we go through, learn about new progressive products, and celebrate dentistry! We can learn so much from each other and DHN’s platforms help bring us together.

What is your goal?

My goal is to show the new dental dreamer how amazing the dental profession is and to keep that spark alive throughout his or her entire career. Doing the same thing day in and day out can get anyone into a rut. If DHN can be there to help you discover why you started and why you love teeth, that would be my ultimate dream and goal. 

Facebook: Dental Hygiene Nation

Instagram: @dthynation

Twitter: @dthyproblems

LinkedIn: Caitlyn Rastetter

Years in dental hygiene: 3

Do you practice clinically? No