Rdh Editor's Note (8)

A wellspring of emotion

June 28, 2023
June 2023 is an exciting time at RDH magazine, with many emotions running high. In her editor's note, Jackie Sanders gives an outline.
Jackie Sanders, MBA, RDH, Chief editor, RDH magazine

Celebration. For the first time in 23 years, RDH Under One Roof sold out. Nashville will never be the same after the masses of dental hygienists arrive at the Gaylord. Learn from respected speakers, visit the exhibit floor to acquire information on new products and research, and take time to network with other hygienists and celebrate another year with the dental hygiene community. RDH created the platform, and you have confirmed that the vision and hard work has benefited the profession.

Appreciation. The RDH team extends our appreciation to each of you, for confirming we are bringing you the educational content and networking opportunities that benefit your professional development. July 20–22 will be a conference like none other, and we are making sure we have a memorable experience waiting for you. From the time you arrive until the time we have to say goodbye, be sure to take plenty of pictures, learn as much as possible, spend the maximum amount of time on the exhibit floor, and enjoy the opportunity to make new friends from across the country and around the globe. The halls will be buzzing.

Disappointment. My sadness grew with each of you who were unable to register prior to RDH Under One Roof closing. We monitored the enrollment numbers weekly while we worked behind the scenes to expand the rooms, add chairs, and bring in more content. In the end, the walls would not spread far enough to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. We thank you for understanding—register early for 2024!

Respect. On April 20, we lost an icon in the dental hygiene community. Winnie Furnari had been recognized with numerous awards during her career, and in 2022 she received the Esther Wilkins Lifetime Achievement Award. Known for her work in forensics and her ever-present smile, she will be dearly missed by many.

Excitement. The June issue of RDH brings you information to update you on favorite products and polish up your knowledge. Don’t miss the Chairside Impact articles, which serve as colleague-to-colleague recommendations. Amber Lovatos provides us with a summary of available employment placement services. Whitney Crist gives us insight into IBS, and Caitlinn Parsons tells us more about finding the right saddle stool. The wealth of information in this issue is sure to support your professional mission. The CE course this month, written by Dr. Mia Geisinger, is titled “Brace yourself! Decision-making for orthodontic treatment and periodontal care in patients with periodontal diseases and malocclusion.”

I close this note with a smile on my face and a happy heart. It has been an amazing couple of months. I look forward to RDH Under One Roof, and I am even beginning to look forward to planning 2024.