A sister's love

April 1, 2001
One afternoon, two sisters were being treated at the same time.

My dental unit was adjacent to Dr. Kuwabara's, and parents were welcomed when accompanying their children during treatment. Since adjoining operatories were only separated by a cubicle partition, conversations in adjacent chairs could easily be overheard.

One afternoon, two sisters were being treated at the same time. The younger one, about eight years old, was seeing Dr. Kuwabara for a procedure that required anesthesia. Her older sister was in my chair in the next operatory to have her six-month cleaning.

Despite his gentleness and reassuring voice, Dr. Kuwabara's patient began to cry.

As I continued cleaning the teeth of the older sister, I noticed tears well up in her eyes and spill down her cheeks. No sound, just tears. Offering her a tissue, I quietly asked if her sister's crying was the cause of her own tears. She nodded her head, yes.

I will never forget that incident and the deep appreciation it gave me of the powerful bond between sisters.

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