Dentsply speakers

May 1, 2009
Cindy Sensabaugh, Marie George, Gail Malone, Doreen Smeltzer, Shirley Branam, Renee Graham, Karen Hays, and Leann Keefer are the educational team members ...

by Ann-Marie C. DePalma, RDH, MeD, FAADH
[email protected]

Cindy Sensabaugh, Marie George, Gail Malone, Doreen Smeltzer, Shirley Branam, Renee Graham, Karen Hays, and Leann Keefer are the educational team members that comprise Dentsply Professional's enlightening curriculum presenters. Each brings her own style and experience to the array of programs. From implants to anesthetic options to radiography, these professionals offer information in entertaining and motivating programs.

With column constraints, there's limited opportunity to discuss each program. So I'll highlight only a few. However, each educator can present multiple programs within her region. Their backgrounds are as diverse as the programs they offer. Since the educators represent Dentsply, the programs offer insight into the latest innovative products offered by the company.

“Dental Implants: Assessment and Maintenance Strategies” discusses the importance of proper implant maintenance for the long-term success of dental implants. Patients who have implants require customized protocols for professional maintenance and home care. Based on current scientific evidence, assessment strategies to determine implants are a viable option for patients. The program discusses the various types of implants available and identifies the role of the hygienist in implant therapy. The benefits and uses of ultrasonic technology are also discussed.

“Assessing Anesthetic Options for Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy” provides an in-depth review of all dental anesthetics. It covers the history of dental anesthetics, pain management in dentistry, the neurophysiology of pain control, injection site anatomy and techniques, and the types, duration, and application of dental anesthetics. The program provides a comprehensive review of the application of injection and noninjectable anesthetics. It will help clinicians make informed decisions regarding pain management needs. The program has been so well received that it is often used by dental hygiene students as a comprehensive review on anesthetics for boards!

Dental radiography is an important part of dental care. “Intraoral Radiography: Basic Principles and Digital Application” focuses on intraoral radiographic techniques. A review of the basic principles of intraoral radiography, including safety and exposure factors, and a discussion of digital radiography is provided. The program provides both new and seasoned professionals with a thorough understanding of dental radiography. For the new, it discusses the basic principles of intraoral radiography, including the paralleling and bisecting angle techniques. For the seasoned professional, it provides new information regarding digital radiography techniques.

Dental caries is an infectious disease affecting adults and children. The program “Dental Caries: Advances in Detection and Disease Management” provides an in-depth discussion of caries epidemiology, diagnostic techniques and technologies, and the role of minimally invasive dentistry. Dentistry is moving away from the “drill and fill” mentality of surgically restoring caries, to the more preventive medical model approach. This program provides opportunities to cause a paradigm shift in practice protocols for caries prevention and restoration.

Dentsply provides each participant with detailed course packets. Depending on the program, the packets contain outlines of the course as well as all other training supplies. Programs are presented with PowerPoint, video clips, group activities, and hands-on activities. Each presenter adds something from her own experiences. All educators had clinical experience before joining Dentsply.

Dentsply Professional's mission statement is “to provide a primary commitment to the education of dental professionals and serve as an educational resource for research-based scientific information in the areas of health promotion, disease prevention, and therapeutic oral care.” Each Dentsply educator offers unique insights and education into all aspects of oral health.

For more information regarding programs or educators, contact Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, BS, at 800-989-8825, or [email protected].