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LSM Dental: The value of simplicity

Sept. 1, 2005
For more than 25 years, LSM Dental has used the power of simplicity to create dental equipment that offers maximum value.

For more than 25 years, LSM Dental has used the power of simplicity to create dental equipment that offers maximum value. LSM patient chairs, delivery units, stools, and lights are known for their dependability and affordability. Art Blumenkron, president of LSM, says: “Design simplicity is at the heart of all LSM products. We knew we could reduce the cost of dental equipment without sacrificing quality, comfort, or functionality simply by engineering the products to need fewer parts.” According to Blumenkron, fewer parts also mean less maintenance, fewer breakdowns, and increased longevity.

Recent expansion

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In April 2005, LSM moved to a larger, more modern facility to accommodate the growth the company has experienced in recent years. The company also recently acquired Tech West, a company that manufactures vacuums, air compressors, and other accessories. A long-time OEM supplier to many of the premier dental equipment companies, LSM is working toward ISO 13485 certification and, according to Blumenkron, uses the most current technology to stay at the forefront of dental equipment design and manufacturing.

The Tech West acquisition

The new LSM facility provides space for the growing company.
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The purchase of Tech West will enable LSM to bring the same philosophy of dependability and design simplicity to bear on the Tech West product line. LSM will also be upgrading Tech West’s customer and technical service capabilities. The integration of Tech West will be a gradual process. “We plan to keep the Tech West operation in Fresno intact for a year to maintain continuity and assure a smooth transition,” says Blumenkron. The acquisition will allow lead times for Tech West products to shrink dramatically and lead to further development of new products.

Commitment to the dental industry

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Since 1978, LSM Dental Equipment Company has offered dental dealers a high-quality, mid-priced equipment line. The company’s long-standing relationship with dealers, combined with well-designed products, full coverage through an independent sales force, and a reputation for outstanding customer and technical support, has allowed LSM to grow steadily and establish a solid reputation in the U.S. as well as overseas. The acquisition of Tech West has allowed LSM to expand its product line and establish itself as a manufacturer of a full range of general operatory equipment.

Simplicity of design makes LSM products more dependable, easier to maintain, and more economical than many competitive products.
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LSM Products

    Patient chairs (hydraulic and standard)
    Units and Unit Ensembles
    Mobile Carts
    Mounts, Frames, and Arms
    Wet and Dry Vacuum Systems
    Air Compressors and Dryers
    Water Manifolds