Kevin Henry

Editor's Note

Sept. 1, 2012
Welcome to the September issue of Proofs! For months, I've been talking about the new direction of Proofs, and in this issue, you'll see the changes that I've mentioned for quite some time.

Kevin Henry, Editor
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Welcome to the September issue of Proofs! For months, I've been talking about the new direction of Proofs, and in this issue, you'll see the changes that I've mentioned for quite some time.

You can count on Proofs being your source for the latest in dental meeting information, and we kick off that focus in this issue with an in-depth look at two key components of your company's meeting strategy in the near future — the ADA annual session and state meetings throughout the country.

First, I want to thank the ADA for working with me on an exclusive and honest interview that you'll find on page 6. When I went to the ADA and asked them the questions that you asked me, they responded. I appreciate that, and I think you'll find their answers quite interesting.

I also talked with the executive directors of the Greater New York Dental Meeting and Hinman Dental Meeting about how the future ADA Annual Sessions were going to affect their meetings. It's a question that will also affect you and your business, and you'll find their answers beginning on page 9.

Additionally, our hard-working editorial intern Lauren Burns and I talked with representatives of state meetings from Washington to West Virginia for this issue, getting a reading from them on how their meetings are doing and what changes they see in the near future. We've even profiled some of these meetings in one-page features, and this will continue to be a part of Proofs moving forward. Yes, in each issue we will highlight various state meetings and let you know what they are doing to make sure your return on investment is as high as it can be when you choose to exhibit at their show.

Oh, and did I mention our annual meetings calendar? It's back again this year and is bigger than ever. When you're planning your travel for 2013, be sure to use our meetings calendar as your road guide. You can find it on page ??.

Overall, I'm very excited about the new direction of Proofs, but I also promise that we'll continue to cover hot topics in the industry outside of dental meetings. Trade News and People and Places will still be mainstays in our magazine. The things that have made Proofs great for almost 100 years will continue to be included in each issue. We're just evolving even further to meet the needs of you, the reader.

➢ "Do you think it's safe?"

This was the question from my 14-year-old daughter when I asked her if she wanted to go see "The Dark Knight Rises" with me in late July. It's a question I really never expected to hear from her when we discussed a trip to the movies, but in the wake of the "Dark Knight" movie massacre in Colorado, I knew it was something we had to talk about and acknowledge.

Yes, I think it's safe to go to the movies. Yes, I think it's safe to walk down the street to a friend's house. Yes, I think it's safe to attend an outdoor concert. Yes, I think there are dangerous people in the world who could pull out a gun at any of those venues and shoot me. No, that thought isn't going to stop me from living my life the way that I want to live it. An act of random violence anywhere, any time is a horrific thought, but it's the world in which we live today. Bad people will do bad things. Can I control them? No. I have to focus on what I can control … and that's my own happiness.

I've always had a thing against the words, "What if…" To me, those are two of the most pointless words in the English language. They are words that often paralyze people from doing things that they want to do … and even love to do. To so many, the fear of what might happen outweighs the joy of experiencing life to its fullest.

As we walked into the theater, my daughter and I talked about the shooting in Colorado. She asked me questions. I tried to answer them as best as I could. It's hard talking to your daughter about a world that you've tried to protect her from … and you know you can't always explain. It's hard to admit that there are evil people in the world and you don't always know who they are or what they might do.

We watched the movie. We enjoyed our afternoon together and didn't let the random act of a madman keep us from doing something we wanted to do.

There was one quote from "The Dark Knight Rises" that stuck out to me, "If you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal ... you become something else entirely."

Today, I hope you will devote yourself to living a life free of the fear of "what ifs." Make the most of every day and don't let the "what ifs" keep you from living a happier and more fulfilled life.

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