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"Pearls For Your Practice"® from Dr. Joe Blaes

March 1, 2012
One of the great things about Proofs is that it is a part of a group of dental magazines that includes Dental Economics and RDH, two of the most recognized publications in the industry.

Editor's Note: One of the great things about Proofs is that it is a part of a group of dental magazines that includes Dental Economics and RDH, two of the most recognized publications in the industry. With that in mind, I think it's important to share with you some of the things that are being read by your customers (this is why the wording you'll read in this article is directed toward the dentist). Here are some of the latest "Pearls For Your Practice" from Dr. Joe Blaes, editor of Dental Economics.

SuperCurve Matrix by Triodent— The companies that make matrix retainers and bands have made great leaps over the old standard retainer. But I still have some problems, particularly in the area of the marginal ridge in a Class II restoration. I also struggle to remove the matrix after I have cured the composite. Even though I try to place the wedges well at the gingival margin, sometimes I get an overhang of cured composite material that is very difficult to deal with. Triodent comes to the rescue with the new SuperCurve matrix, which makes Class II restorations easy. This matrix is snug and has a nonstick surface. It has detailed contouring vertically and horizontally to replicate the proximal wall, and it's coated for easier placement and removal. The matrix has a tight radius, so it hugs the tooth during placement. This also prevents interference with the ring during placement. SuperCurve matrix is much easier to remove after the composite is cured because the matrix is coated with a micro-thin, nonstick finish. Of course, the SuperCurve matrix comes with the standard Triodent placement/removal tab which, when used with the Triodent Pin-Tweezers, makes the process simple. There are no gaps in the gingival axial corners because the matrix has a gingival apron that is shaped to the commonly encountered cavity form. This also assures no composite overhangs at the gingival margins. I have found that my marginal ridges are no longer a problem. This matrix has a rolled ridge on the occlusal margin that ensures beautiful marginal ridges with minimal finishing. All SuperCurve matrices are color-coded, making it easier to differentiate between the sizes. In my practice, I have found that this matrix system actually saves time, mainly because I no longer have to spend extra time on margins, contacts, anatomy, and marginal ridges. Time to me means money! Visit for more information.

Knit-Pak™ by Premier® Dental introduces a new concept in tissue contraction — Have you ever placed retraction cord, only to see that the margin needs some correction? You pick up your high-speed handpiece to make this slight change in the preparation. You are almost finished, and the bur touches the cord, and in a millisecond the bur is spinning with the cord attached. This causes the patient and you to jump, and is a rather disconcerting experience for both of you. You can rest assured this won't happen with the Premier Dental Knit-Pak, a nonimpregnated knitted retraction cord made from 100% cotton. If touched by a bur, Knit-Pak will cut cleanly and not become entangled. Knit-Pak is ideal to use combined with Hemodent® hemostatic agent or Traxodent® for tissue displacement and management prior to taking an impression. The knitted cord contains numerous interlocking chains that carry greater quantities of hemostatic solution compared to twisted or braided cord. Knit-Pak easily packs into the sulcus by compacting under pressure. It will not fray, and it resists popping out of the sulcus. The Knit-Pak container features a stainless steel cutting blade inside the cap that automatically cuts the cord upon closing. The cord piece is held by the cap until removed, preventing it from dropping. Another great feature is that Knit-Pak's six different sizes are color-coded for quick and easy identification, making selection fast for your dental assistants. Each Knit-Pak contains 100 inches (254 cm) of cord. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

ZIRCULES core material by Clinician's Choice— I am always looking for the "ideal" core material. To meet this criterion, it must be easy to use in either dual cure or light cure, easy to dispense with a good flow but with no slumping, and it must cut like dentin and have strength. Scanning the market, you may think there are many choices. ZIRCULES is different from other core materials. Its chemistry maintains high strength regardless of whether it's used in a dual-cure or self-cure technique. Some core materials lose significant strength if they are not light-cured. This is a risk you cannot afford. In situations where curing light penetration is limited, you can be confident that the cores you build with ZIRCULES will remain strong, regardless of the clinical situation. The ideal flow consistency is excellent for any core buildup, simple or complex. When you are cementing a post and then building the core, ZIRCULES flows easily into the post space; yet it is stackable so you can build a sufficient amount of core material without the material slumping. Zirconium nano-filler gives this product significant benefits as compared to other core materials, including higher radiopacity and improved hardness. Once polymerized, ZIRCULES cuts beautifully, just like dentin. The resulting transition from core material to natural tooth is smooth and free from gouging. You will find that, with this product, refining margins is easier, faster, more precise, and more accurate. ZIRCULES is available in two esthetic shades (A2, A3), as well as white opaque and blue. It is recommended that you buy 25 ml cartridges in the shades you use most frequently, and 5 ml syringes in alternate shades so that you are prepared for any and every core buildup. Visit or call (800) 265-3444 for more information.

Precise™ LTM Laser by CAO Group — Imagine a laser that is a soft-tissue handpiece that enables easy, fine tissue preparation and management just as a high-speed handpiece allows easy preparation of the hard tissue of tooth structure. Imagine no more. The Precise LTM enables all of this and more with a laser that is user-friendly. The laser is ready to use the day it arrives. The Precise "Quick Start" program takes you step by step through the easy setup and four of the most frequently used procedures. In addition, there is an online program entitled Easier Soft Tissue Management for Better Restorative Dentistry for in-depth training on the Precise LTM. Both of these programs can be regularly reviewed to ensure team effectiveness. The most remarkable feature of this laser is the simple retractable fiber management with 20 feet of fiber that will give you months of use with no loose spools. This can result in a reduction of fiber breakage because the fiber is protected. Now, couple this with a handpiece that is autoclavable for great infection control. This handpiece uses disposable, preformed tips (straight and curved) for the fiber to meet every conceivable need. The control unit has a magnetized handpiece holder that keeps the handpiece accessible and firmly attached. The display panel is easy to use and understand. This makes setup and programming precise. Here is a feature that won me over — a wireless foot control that eliminates those extra wires on the floor that dentists constantly roll over with their stools. The Precise LMT manages gingival and other soft tissues. Use it to shape gingival contours, to coagulate as you cut, to cut only microns deep, to sterilize, for periodontal treatment, for removal of inflamed tissues, and to deliver more predictable, highly esthetic outcomes. The Precise LTM complements the advances in restorative materials and techniques so your oral soft tissues are as beautiful as the restorations you place. Patients will appreciate the increased comfort, faster healing, and better-looking, healthy gingival tissue. To order, contact Henry Schein Dental by calling (877) 236-4408 or visiting