NDC combines subsidiaries to form NDC Dental

National Distribution & Contracting, Inc. (NDC) has combined its dental subsidiaries, American Dental Cooperative (ADC) and United Dental Dealers (UDD), into a single division called "NDC Dental." The combined divisions together consist of 56 independently owned and operated dental distribution companies that service dental providers throughout the United States and Canada. NDC says the companies in NDC Dental will realize competitive advantages because of the consolidation. For a complete listing of NDC Dental distributors, visit www.ndc-inc.com.

Shofu president honored by IADFE

Noriyuki Negoro, president of Shofu Inc. (pictured below, second from right), was honored with the prestigious title of "Regent" of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics (IADFE). This honor is bestowed to outstanding individuals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence through continuing interdisciplinary education in the field of facial esthetics, who have attained recognition within their own respective professions, and who have developed multidisciplinary activities and/or attained interdisciplinary recognition with Fellowship in the Academy.

The IADFE, held in conjunction with the Greater New York Dental Meeting, includes more than 600 leading global educators, authors, practitioners, visionaries, initiators, and creators in the field of facial esthetics. Visit www.iadfe.org for more information.

Ontario helping Novocol expand and modernize facility

Ontario, Canada, is helping Novocol Pharmaceuticals of Canada Inc., expand and modernize its Cambridge facility, including converting an outdated production line into an R&D centre. The entire project will help the company diversify and develop new infection control products, increasing the global company's competitiveness.

In total, Novocol, which is owned by Septodont SAS of France, is investing more than $54 million in this project over the next five years, which includes a loan of $10 million from the Ontario Government.

"On the highly competitive global stage, modernization is no longer an option used for getting ahead of the competition; it's an essential just to stay in business," said Kent Chiu, president of Septodont North America. "Ontario's support to help us invest in advanced R&D and innovation is what it takes to get us to the next level and to help create local jobs and give back to the community that has helped make this company such a success."

Identalloy/IdentCeram Council elects new officers

The Identalloy/IdentCeram Council recently elected new officers and directors. Stuart Steinbock of Whip Mix was elected to a two-year term as president and will continue serving as a director. Devon Howe of CMP Industries LLC was elected to a two-year term as treasurer as well as a position as director.

Dr. Mark Murphy of Microdental/DTI Dental Technologies Inc., was elected to his fourth two-year term as a director. He will be joined on the board by Jan Slor of DENTSPLY Prosthetics and Gary Iocco of Dimension Dental Design CDL, who were also elected to two-year terms. Iocco will serve as the board's laboratory representative.

The IdentAlloy/IdentCeram Council is a nonprofit organization formed to raise healthcare standards through the documentation of alloys and ceramic materials used in dental restorations. Insurance filings are also streamlined. For more information regarding the Council's materials documentation program and other activities, visit www.IdentAlloy.org.

Carestream wins award in Israel

Carestream Health has received the National Quality and Excellence Award from the Israeli government for its outstanding achievements and continuous improvement in the area of computed radiography.

This award — honoring the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin — is the most prestigious award of its kind in Israel, and recognizes Israeli organizations for excellence and a commitment to quality. The competitive application process and evaluation is sponsored by the Prime Minister's Office and managed by the Ministry of Industry & Trade, the National Institute of Standards, and the Israeli Society for Quality.

DenMat acquires restorative and impression products from Discus Dental

DenMat Holdings, LLC, has acquired the restoratives and impression portfolios from Royal Philips Electronics, parent company of Discus Dental, LLC. The two companies are now working together to transition all operations of the restoratives and impression business into DenMat's facilities in Santa Maria, Calif.

DenMat was acquired by affiliates of Centre Partners Management LLC and Mill Partners LLC in November.

"Leveraging this brand equity with expanded product offerings that give dental professionals a wider range of effective treatment solutions is our goal," said Steve Semmelmayer, DenMat's chief executive officer. "The acquisition of the Discus Dental restoratives and impressions brands is an important step forward in developing a new, vibrant DenMat."

Whip Mix VP earns award

Jim Meyers, vice president of manufacturing at Whip Mix, was recently named the Kentucky Association of Manufacturing Employee of the Year. Nominees were judged on innovation teamwork, community service, and leadership. The award was presented at the Kentucky Association of Manufacturers Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon at the Kentucky Convention Center in Louisville.

According to Whip Mix, in his 10 years at Whip Mix, Meyers has led the way to better customer service at lower direct and indirect labor cost through lean manufacturing.

Straumann reorganizes

The Straumann Group has implemented a new organizational structure with the objective of enhancing agility, improving efficiency, fostering entrepreneurism, and shortening time to market.

According to the company, the reorganization will give greater autonomy and scope for entrepreneurism to the three sales regions (EMEA & Latin America, North America, and Asia/Pacific) and the businesses (surgical, prosthetics, and regenerative). At the same time, a complete layer of senior management has been eliminated, shortening decision times and streamlining processes. The reorganization does not involve downsizing, and job reductions are not foreseen.

"A company that seeks to win in tomorrow's marketplace must be agile, entrepreneurial, close to customers, and able to offer excellent service," said Beat Spalinger, president and chief executive officer. "I am convinced that the organization we implement in 2012 will provide us with those attributes. Importantly, it will reduce complexity for our sales team. This will increase efficiency, get us closer to customers, and ultimately drive top line growth."

To represent the regions and leading business units at top management level, the Executive Management Board will be expanded from four to seven members. Spalinger, Thomas Dressendoerfer (chief financial officer), and Dr. Sandro Matter (executive vice president, prosthetics) will be joined by Dr. René Willi (executive vice president, surgical), Frank Hemm (executive vice president of sales, EMEA & LATAM), Andy Molnar (executive vice president of sales, North America), and the executive vice president of sales, Asia Pacific. The latter position has still to be nominated and will be filled by the chief executive officer ad interim. The new executive positions have been filled through internal promotions.

The current executive vice president of global sales, Franz Maier, who helped lead the reorganization project, has decided to pursue his career outside Straumann.

DHPI makes donation to DTAF

Steve Desautel, vice president of sales and marketing for Dental Health Products, Inc., recently presented a $5,000 check to the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

Money for the donation was raised by DHPI's sales and marketing staff during DHPI's national sales meeting via a Casino Night Fundraiser. More than 100 DHPI team members and two dozen vendors participated in the event playing for a variety of charitable organizations. The DHPI meeting included a series of vendor presentations, keynote lectures, dentist panel discussions, and other team-building exercises (like Casino Night).

"There are many worthy foundations in the dental industry and our team proudly focused on supporting DTAF's mission this year. We hope this becomes an annual fundraising event," Desautel said.

Safco Dental Supply earns green kudos

Safco Dental Supply Company has become the first company in the United States to be certified under the UPS's Eco Responsible Packaging Program. Safco teamed with UPS to optimize its packaging for damage prevention, right sizing, and materials content. As a result, Safco's package damage rate decreased by more than 50 percent – a significant benefit for customers, the company and the environment.

"We've always tried to do what's best for our customers, and more reliable, eco-friendly shipping is a key part of this commitment," said Ken Saffir, president of Safco.

To earn certification, Safco had to have each box it prepared for shipping evaluated by UPS according to procedures vetted by SGS Group, a global leader in inspection, testing and verification services. All packaging had to meet stringent criteria for damage prevention (since damage creates waste), right sizing (to avoid excess packaging), and materials content (utilizing packaging with a more sustainable profile). After three months and numerous redesigns, Safco met all the requirements and is now able to feature the UPS Eco Responsible Packaging Program logo on all packages it prepares and ships.

"We recognized Safco as a company that cares about conservation and protecting the environment, and we were proud to partner with them early on to achieve our mutual mission — save the earth's valuable resources and better serve customers in the process," said Randy Seibert, UPS solutions manager.

Zhermack marks 30 years in business

Zhermack Inc., recently marked the 30-year anniversary of providing solution-centered products for the dental and laboratory industries.

Born from the vision of two entrepreneurs united by a common desire for perfection, company founders Tiziano Busin and Vittorio Mora began their work in Badia Polesine, Italy, in 1981. Because of the unique and individual skill sets of Busin, Mora, and their supporting team of talented and dedicated staff, Zhermack now has an international presence.

Today, Zhermack products can be found in over 100 countries, and the company has partnerships with over 400 distributors. A vast product range covers the needs of dentists and dental technicians, and includes a wide selection of silicones (VPS/A), alginates, resins, plasters, and a complete range of equipment.

For more information about Zhermack and its products, visit www.Zhermack.com.

Utah helping Aribex with expansion

Aribex, Inc., has qualified for up to $350,000 in financial incentives from the state of Utah for expansion of their manufacturing capacity.

Aribex will receive the incentive in the form of tax credits that are contingent upon the company hiring 30 more employees in the next three years. The incentives were authorized under the new Technology and Life Sciences Economic Development Act passed by the Utah Legislature in 2011, and administered by the Board of the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development.

"We're honored that our home state recognizes the work that we are doing and the benefits our products bring to the health community, both domestically and internationally," said Dr. D. Clark Turner, president and chief executive officer of Aribex. "It also acknowledges the fact that we have the innovation, the resources, and the talent to take full advantage of the opportunities and growth ahead of us."

Water Pik celebrates 50th anniversary

Water Pik, Inc., is celebrating its 50th anniversary of innovation for healthy families. Since 1962, Water Pik has developed and introduced many products that are considered the first of their kind and have led to the formation of new categories, including the Waterpik® Water Flosser and pulsating shower massage.

"It all started 50 years ago with the Dental Water Jet, (now known as the Water Flosser), an innovation ahead of its time and a product that, 50 years later, still continues to be one of the leading products in the market," said Richard Bisson, president and chief executive officer of Water Pik, Inc. "Our goal at Water Pik has been to expand our expertise, and build upon our engineering roots to continue to increase our leading brand market share positions, both now and in the future."

ImageWorks sells division to CEFLA

ImageWorks Corporation has announced an agreement in principal for the sale of its human NewTom CBCT Imaging operating division to CEFLA for an undisclosed valuation. In August 2009 ImageWorks' predecessor, AFP Imaging, sold its QR Imaging Division to CEFLA and retained exclusive distribution rights for the NewTom products in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia, and parts of the Middle East. With the sale, CEFLA will assume sales and service responsibility for this territory for human NewTom 3DCT applications while ImageWorks will retain exclusive rights for distribution of the NewTom product for veterinary applications.

Ivoclar Vivadent hands out clinical sales honors

Ivoclar Vivadent recently honored its 2011 Annual Clinical Sales Awards recipients. Awards were presented to recognize individual and collective hard work and sales accomplishments that have taken place in the United States and Canada in the Clinical (i.e., dentist products) Division during the previous year.

"On behalf of the entire Ivoclar Vivadent management team, we extend our sincere appreciation and congratulations to each award recipient for their achievements and dedicated support," expressed Robert A. Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

In the Clinical Division, 100% Achievement Club Awards were presented to those sales people who achieved 100% of their sales goals while simultaneously maintaining their expenses at the budgeted level.

For 2011, the Clinical 100% Achievement Club Awards were presented to J. Lyn Alioto RDA, Steven Au, Erick J. Biehl, Kevan C. Bustillos, Danell Cameron, Allison J. Clay, Dale M. Crane, Debbie Durling-Perrin, Rob D. Goodale, Lisa G. Hull, Stephen McMahon, Lauren R. Neavitt, Kimberly Pacula, Andrew M. Reminga, Justin M. Salvi, Jane M. Shortridge, Kathleen M. Spivey, Jill M. Vennes, and Angela A. Ward (below).

The 2011 U.S. Region of the Year Award was also presented in the Clinical Division. This annual award honors the Regional Sales Manager and his salespeople who have achieved the greatest increase to goal in annual sales while favorably managing expenses.

The 2011 Clinical Region of the Year Award was presented to Daniel G. Niehoff, Regional Manager of the Western Region, and his team: J. Lyn Alioto, RDA, Steven Au, Greg W. Bean, Erick J. Biehl, Kevan C. Bustillos, Rob D. Goodale, Janet R. Gordon, Todd A. Harvell, W. Brad Jennings, Rhonda McCrary, Lauren R. Neavitt, Micky J. Stewart, and Windi L. Vigil. Note that Niehoff is a two-time recipient of this award, as he also won last year (below).

Special Achievement Awards (which are given to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary contributions to the overall growth of sales, exceed the duties of their job for the benefit of the team and overall growth of sales and the company, and achieve recognition from customers, colleagues and peers) also were presented. The Clinical Special Achievement Award for 2011 was presented to Angela A. Ward (below, left). The Canadian Special Achievement Award for 2011 was presented to Stephen McMahon (below, right).

For 2011, the Clinical Canadian Maple Leaf Award, which recognizes the top Canadian individual who has achieved or surpassed their sales goals, favorably managed their expenses, and demonstrated strong salesmanship and service abilities, was awarded to Danell Cameron (below, left).

The U.S. Clinical Territory Manager of the Year Award was presented to Kevan C. Bustillos (above, right). This award recognizes the top U.S. individual, who has achieved or surpassed their sales goals, favorably managed their expense budgets, and combined excellent sales and service abilities with extensive product and industry knowledge.

Special Recognition was presented this year acknowledging Top Performance in bluephase curing light sales. The 2011 recipients were Kimberly Pacula, Dale Crane, Greg Bean, John Howard, and Martin Brandl (below).

Ivoclar Vivadent bestows technical sales honors

Ivoclar Vivadent recently honored its 2011 Annual Clinical Sales Awards recipients. Awards were presented to recognize individual and collective hard work and sales accomplishments that have taken place in the United States and Canada in the Technical Division during the previous year.

"On behalf of the entire Ivoclar Vivadent management team, we extend our sincere appreciation and congratulations to each award recipient for their achievements and dedicated support," expressed Robert A. Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent AG.

In the Technical Division, 100% Achievement Club Awards were presented to those salespeople who achieved 100% of their sales goals while simultaneously maintaining their expenses at the budgeted level and/or congruent with their performance, in addition to surpassing their sales performance from the previous year.

The 2011 Technical 100% Achievement Club Award recipients were Eileen K. Babcock, Debbie Durling-Perrin, Roy M. Goldberg, Daniel L. Haver, Anthony J. Houle, Emile A. Issa, CDT, Shawn G. Jones, Charles L. Keller, Gary T. Klise, Robert J Latta, Jr., Joseph S. Manti, Michael J. Moran, Scott J. Osband, Joseph B. Pickering, CDT, Emily M. Sexton, John N. Tupper, Edward F. Zak, Joseph A. Beale, Andrew J. Caldarelli, Matthew R. Finney, Mark C. Julkowski, Jenna L. Morkisz, Thomas J. Rzeszutek, Justin W. Schiavitti, and Christopher S. Walczak (below).

The 2011 Region of the Year Award was also presented in the US Technical division. This annual award honors the regional sales manager and salespeople who have achieved the greatest increase in annual sales while favorably managing expenses.

The 2011 Technical Region of the Year Award was presented to Janice E. Eddy, B.E.S., Manger of the Western region, and the 2011 Region of the Year team that was recognized included Eileen K. Babcock, Anthony J. Costantini, Emile A. Issa, CDT, Shawn G. Jones, Joseph D. Forster, Gary T. Klise, Robert W. Latta Jr., Paul E. Lessing, CDT, Joseph S. Manti, and Richard M. Rought, CDT (above).

Special recognition was given U.S. Field Technical Specialists team who demonstrated extraordinary contributions to the overall growth of sales, exceeded the duties of their job for the benefit of the team and achieved recognition from customers, colleagues and peers. Kennedy R. Hawxhurst, CDT, Paul E. Lessing, CDT, Richard M. Rought, CDT, Jay A. Sober, CDT, Robert P. Walther, CDT, and Donald J. Yancey, CDT were are recognized for this honor (below).

The Canadian Maple Leaf Award recognizes the top performing Canadian individual who has achieved or surpassed their sales goals, favorably managed their expenses, and demonstrated strong salesmanship and service abilities. The 2011 Technical Maple Leaf award was presented to Debbie Durling-Perrin (below, left).

The final awards included the 2011 Technical Inside Sales Representative of the Year Award, which was given to Joseph A. Beale (above, middle), and the 2011 Technical Key Account Manager of the Year Award was presented to Anthony J. Houle (above, right). This annual award recognizes the top performing individuals who achieved or surpassed their sales goals, while favorably managing their expense budgets. They demonstrate strong salesmanship and service abilities combined with excellent product and industry knowledge; and are team-oriented and determined to realize their goals.

Dental industry observes 10th anniversary of GKAS

Henry Schein and its supplier partners have joined with the American Dental Association (ADA), Colgate-Palmolive, and DEXIS to sponsor the 10th annual ADA "Give Kids A Smile Day." In celebration of a decade of success for the Give Kids A Smile Program, Stanley M. Bergman, chairman and chief executive officer of Henry Schein opened the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Henry Schein Dental serves as the exclusive professional product sponsor of "Give Kids A Smile Day." With the participation of 29 supplier partners, the company was once again able to support oral health care screenings for more than 400,000 children throughout the United States. Nationwide almost 40,000 dental team volunteers, including more than 10,000 dentists, participated in events held at 1,600 nationwide locations. Over the past decade, Henry Schein and its supplier partners have donated products and services valued at more than $11 million to the program, which support hundreds of millions of dollars of work done by dentists to help 4.5 million children.

Manufacturers who supported GKAS in 2012 through product donations included, 3M ESPE, Acteon, Ansell Healthcare, Axis Dental Corporation, Centrix, Coltene/Whaledent Inc., Crosstex International, DASH, DMG America , Dukal Corporation, Dux Dental, Hu-Friedy, Kerr Corporation, Kimberly-Clark Healthcare, Medicom, Microflex Corporation, Miltex Instruments, Premier Dental Products Company, Richmond Dental, Sempermed USA, Septodont, Southern Dental, SS White Burs Inc., Sultan Healthcare, TIDI Products, Tuttnauer, Waterpik Technologies, Young Dental, and Zirc Company.

New facility for Baker Dental and Harris Discount Supply

Deborah DeLana, president of Baker Dental Corporation and Harris Discount Supply, recently announced that both companies are now located under one roof. Baker Dental is a precious metals company serving the dental industry for more than a century. Harris Discount has been providing brand name dental equipment at discount prices for nearly three decades. Their new home is located at 353 Enterprise Parkway in Lake Zurich, Ill.

The 12,000-square-foot warehouse includes a repair shop and has ample space to carry a wide variety of dental materials and supplies in addition to the large assortment of equipment.

"Our facility is large enough to accommodate a broad selection of items, but the operation is still small enough to provide personal service and low prices," DeLana said.

Sesame Communications, ActionRun form partnership

Sesame Communications and ActionRun have announced a joint sales and marketing partnership. Sesame Communications will market and distribute ActionRun's clinical patient communication services via Sesame's award-winning 24-7 Patient Connection Platform. ActionRun will complement Sesame's robust feature set and help members to effectively reactivate unresponsive patients with or without diagnosed treatment plans, using its unique clinical communication system.

Aribex invests in H20 TECH, Inc.

Aribex, Inc. has made an investment in H2O TECH, Inc. This is the first time Aribex has invested in an outside company. Details of the transaction were not disclosed; however, Aribex officials have confirmed Aribex will have a seat on H2O TECH's board of directors.

"This is a great milestone for Aribex," said Dr. D. Clark Turner, chairman and chief executive officer of Aribex. "We were a start-up company not long ago. We have always had an interest in helping others navigate the process of bringing new, disruptive products to market."

Aribex and H2O TECH officials are optimistic about the synergistic relationship between the companies. "With patented technology and solid prototyping progress, H2O TECH's product, Waterjet, is a first-of-its-kind water drilling system with many general dentistry applications," added Ken Kaufman, president and chief financial officer of Aribex.

QSIDental, Suni form alliance

Quality Systems, Inc. has announced that its dental unit, QSIDental, has entered into a reseller agreement with Suni Medical Imaging, Inc.

Under the agreement, dental practices, academic institutions, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), and community medical and dental healthcare facilities throughout the country can seamlessly integrate Suni's sensors, panoramic, cephalometic, and 3-D imaging products with all QSIDental's solutions, including the NextGen® Electronic Dental Record (EDR).

According to QSIDental, the new agreement with Suni will enable both QSIDental and NextGen EDR client users to meet these evolving diagnostic needs more affordably from a single vendor for all of their digital imaging needs.

Xlear partners with NCOHF

Xlear Inc., a leading manufacturer of xylitol products, is the newest National Children's Oral Health Foundation: America's ToothFairy® (NCOHF) Underwriting partner. Xlear Inc. manufactures products such as Xlear® Nasal Spray, a complete line of dental health products under the Spry Dental Defense System® brand, XyloSweet®, and SparX® candy.

"With the ever-growing concern of children's health in today's society, more parents and kids alike should be aware of the ways they can prevent tooth decay and other related issues," said Nate Jones, chief executive officer of Xlear®, Inc. "America's ToothFairy really has the ability to impact lives for the better and we are proud to provide any support we can."

iSmile records year-to-year growth

iSmile Dental Products, Inc. has announced that the company's sales grew 34 percent from 2010 to 2011.

"I attribute iSmile's success to our loyal customers, dedicated team of employees, expanding product line and low prices to match any dentist's budget," said Bryan Shields, president and chief executive officer. "Our company has continued to thrive during these weaker economic times because of our devotion to low prices and excellent customer service, ensuring the highest level of value is passed on to our customers."

Carestream Dental launches campaign

Carestream Dental announced the launch of a major ad campaign designed to familiarize existing and prospective customers with the company's distinguishing characteristics. Resting on the pillars of efficient workflow, diagnostic excellence, and humanized technology, the campaign seeks to help customers understand the rich tradition and many trusted brands that make up Carestream Dental. The ad campaign coincides with a strategic re-branding initiative, where the company will begin renaming several products under the Carestream Dental (CS) brand.

Carestream Dental's existing products have been sold under multiple brand names, including SoftDent, PracticeWorks, Kodak, OrthoTrac, RVG, Trophy, and Windent. The company's first CS-branded product, the CS 9300, was successfully launched in the spring of 2011. Most existing products will soon be sold under the CS brand name, but will keep the same model numbers. Film and chemistry products will continue to be sold under the Kodak brand. Carestream Dental will still support and provide parts and accessories for all of its products.

Ashland purchases ISP

Ashland Inc., a global leader in specialty chemical solutions for consumer and industrial markets, has completed its acquisition of privately owned International Specialty Products Inc. (ISP), a global specialty chemical manufacturer of innovative functional ingredients and technologies.

"This defining transaction is expected to be immediately accretive and will significantly expand our position in higher-margin, higher-growth end markets, including personal care, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and energy," said James J. O'Brien, Ashland chairman and chief executive officer. "We are excited about combining ISP's technologies and capabilities with our own. This acquisition enhances our ability to satisfy the increasing global demand for more technologically advanced consumer and industrial products, and to continue to generate industry-leading innovation and solutions for our customers."

The company's Care Specialties business will encompass technologies for hair care, oral care, skin care, sun care, and household, industrial, and institutional cleaning.