Product Report

June 12, 2015

Parkell Inc. recently introduced the TurboVue magnetostrictive ultrasonic scaler, which features illumination to enhance visibility during scaling procedures. The light source is built into the handpiece. The TurboVue also features an auto-tuning technology. The buyer has the choice of three 30K inserts with autoclavable glass sleeves that tranmsit the light to the operating field.

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CocoLab recently launched CocoFloss, floss containing organic, natural flavors. Due to the limited shelf life of the product, CocoLab offers a subscription package to deliver "fresh" floss to consumers. A single unit of CocoFloss is considered to be a two-month supply. Flavors include fresh mint, strawberries, and coconuts.


Oral-B recently announced that its SmartSeries toothbrush connects to the Oral-B App that provides real-time guidance while users brush. The smartphone application records brushing activity patients can share with their dental professional. The toothbrush can store data for up to 30 brushing sessions when not connected to the app.


Vista Dental Products recently expanded its line of tooth whitening products to include Fluorescent Express White (in-office) and Fluorescent (take-home). Fluorescent Express White is involves no mixing and is not activated by light, containing a 35% hydrogen peroxide gel. Fluorescent is a clear viscous gel and offered in either 16% or 22% carbamide peroxide formulas dispensed through syringes.

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Dexis recently announced the release of the DEXcam 4 intra-oral video camera designed for patient communication and case documentation. The camera includes a high-resolution sensor, dual capture buttons, one-touch focus, and a detachable cord. DEXcam 4 seamlessly integrates with Dexis imaging software.

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