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Dec. 1, 2006
I would like to submit a photograph for your consideration, because it’s so cool!

Fond memories

Dear RDH:

I would like to submit a photograph for your consideration, because it’s so cool! Prior to the time of scrub tops, I accumulated many dental logo shirts throughout my 30 years of hygiene practice. They all had some meaning or sentimental value and were not being worn anymore.

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So I had a friend and former co-worker make a quilt from them. She had already made two quilts out of my running T-shirt collection. It’s a fun and warm way to display or wrap up in many fond memories.

One is an alumni shirt from my hygiene school - Eastern Washington University. Another is from a fundraiser that a good friend, Linda Edgar (now a dentist), sold to me. A shirt from the ADA national convention in Hawaii was a colorful souvenir. A dear friend, a dentist who lost his life to ALS, had shirts made for a half-marathon we all ran. To this day I still run with his wife, Debbie.

My office had a baseball team one year, and I ordered a shirt (as I’m a T-shirt freak) but never did play ... thank goodness. It’s right next to the Rosey the Riveter shirt, as we are a very busy office and handle some pretty crazy schedules. Another friend did a needlepoint hygiene graphics shirt as a Christmas gift, and the others were from office uniforms.

My only regret is not adding a Honduras T-shirt to symbolize my two dental mission trips to that country, but knowing Kathy Winkler (the designer), she can fix that. She’s awesome, very talented, and works in the front office. I am pictured here on the right with the quilt and my dental hygiene assistant, Hannah Carpenter, granddaughter of my employer.

I’ve had 30 wonderful years of hygiene, and it has come full circle as my daughter (Kim Case) is now an RDH. We decided to keep it in the family. Thank you for your consideration.

Rembie Krattli, RDH
Maple Valley, Washington

Editor’s Note: Here’s hoping all readers find a special way to treasure the good memories.

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