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Product Report

Sept. 1, 2017

OmniOptic by Orascoptic

Orascoptic said the introduction of OmniOptic is an interchangeable magnification loupe that allows clinicians to select the optimal magnification power for each procedure. The four magnification powers range from 2.5x - 5.5x. The OmniOptic system also allows users to increase magnification during the course of their careers. The design features a magnetic anchor built into the carrier lens of the frame, and clinicians can upgrade magnification without having to purchase a new loupe system.


Varnish Pen by Young Dental

The Varnish Pen is an all-in-one varnish delivery system. A quick twist and easy press sends varnish right from the applicator system to the teeth, eliminating the need to double-dip, open difficult packaging, and keep track of applicator brushes. Young’s Varnish Pen contains a single-dose 5% sodium fluoride varnish made with xylitol that provides sensitivity relief. The thin, translucent no-mix formula is easy to handle without stringing or clumping, and is available in mint and assorted (mint, grape and bubblegum) flavors.


ElectroMatic by KaVo Kerr

KaVo recently launched of ElectroMatic for dental professionals transitioning to electric handpieces. The ElectroMatic motor system delivers constant speed and constant torque, allowing precise preparations at the defined speed. Easily adjust the speed on the control system display for a wide range of indications. Three distinct options in the ElectroMatic series offers the versatility to choose the right system to fit your treatment needs. The plug-and-play system connects to a standard air tubing and automatically adjusts to the air pressure of the existing dental unit.


Color Code Guide by Zirc

Zirc said color-coded products that are used for sterilization and organization are the most effective way to organize. Zirc recently launched its new color code guide to help dental practices develop an organizational system. The guide features step-by-step recommendations for setting up a color-code system for one or all procedures. Zirc’s Color Code Guide is available for download on A hard copy of the Color Code Guide can be requested.