Sultan Dental introduces new DuraShield®

March 3, 2005
DuraShield is a fast and economical delivery of 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish.

Sultan Dental Products introduces NEW! DuraShield® -- a fast and economical delivery of 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish.

Intended for use as a desensitizing agent to relieve hypersensitivity on areas of teeth where dentin or cementum is exposed, NEW DuraShield® can also be used to line amalgam cavity preparations. The 5% Sodium Fluoride formula sets on contact with saliva remains on contact for up to eight hours for enhanced fluoride uptake with minimal food or drink restrictions after application for excellent patient acceptance.

DuraShield® features an innovative unit-dose dispensing system that unlike other "unit-dose" varnishes is completely sealed to protect the entire contents against contamination. Its light amber-colored tint provides better visual control during application as the patient-pleasing Topex® Bubble-Fun® Flavor (sweetened with XYLITOL) enhances acceptance by patients of all ages. Each pre-measured 0.40mL unit includes one UltraBrush™ 2.0 Bristle Brush Applicator, a finer, higher quality brush manufactured by the world leader in dental applicators, Microbrush® International.

DuraShield® is available in convenient, easy-dispensing boxes of 32 (Item #31101) and 200 (Item #31102) count units, each containing bi-lingual patient 'take-home' instructions for post-application distribution. Plus, DuraShield® is more economical than other brands, so why pay more?

Through May 31, 2005, visit to receive 4 FREE SAMPLES of new DuraShield® 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish! For additional information or to place an order, contact your local dental distributor or call Sultan Dental Products toll-free at (800) 238-6739.