Letters from Einstein: Equation for change

March 25, 2005
The keynote session at RDH Under One Roof is about survival, hope, and lingerie.

"Letters From Einstein," a presentation offered by Karen Cortell Reisman, is about survival, hope, and lingerie. Karen is a first generation American, second generation Holocaust survivor, native Texan, and a cousin of Albert Einstein.

What you experience and hear at this Keynote Session you will NOT hear or experience e anywhere else. You'll hear personal, unpublished letters Einstein wrote to Karen's family. What you won't walk away with is an in-depth understanding of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. What you will walk away with is an inspiration by Karen's story, and you'll leave with tools to handle the inevitable ups and downs in your professional and personal life with hope humor, and dignity.

Many of you may know Karen has as communications expert. Now she is delighted to add this special evolving presentation around Albert Einstein, a family cousin. Learn more about Karen and her wonderful legacy and service by going to www.speakforyourself.com

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