Career Clipper turns RipperCareer Clipper turns Ripper

April 22, 2005
Find out why Betsy Reynolds, the keynote speaker at RDH Under One Roof in Chicago on July 21-23, transformed from "Clipper" to "Ripper."

Have you ever talked with someone, and you could feel his or her energy force field surround you and lift you up. Have you ever finished a perfect glass of water or juice, yet your thirst had not been quenched? That's what it is like when you are in the audience, speaking over the phone, or sharing the same air with Betsy Reynolds, one of the keynote speakers at RDH Under One Roof in Chicago on July 21-23. She makes you feel elated and wanting more of what she has to share and say.

The terms high energy, entertaining, or cutting edge do not do her justice. She walks and talks her programs. Why, because she is a practicing hygienist, educator, writer, and now a "ripper." I'm not going to let the secret out - you will have to attend her program to find out why we should all thank her for being a ripper!

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Learning is not a Spectator Sport
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