Going green in your dental office

Jan. 29, 2008
Tips to help your practice and the environment

Go digital! Get the lead out
Digital radiography eliminates photochemical wastes such as fixers, developers, and cleaners. It removes radiation from the dental office, which is better for your patients and your staff -- and it gets the lead out! You can say goodbye to lead aprons, bite wings, and lead foils.

A greener clean
Chemiclave solutions can be considered hazardous waste, so choose sterilants with less-hazardous materials.

Tow the line
Non-bleach alternative line cleaners reduce the use of hazardous materials and they're non-corrosive. A win-win.

Oil free, dry dental
Get the oil out of your operatory with an oil-free air compressor. Oil-free/water-free dry dental vacuums also remove oil from the dental office -- and they reduce water consumption. Most hand gels and sanitizers kill 99.99 percent of germs in 15 seconds.

Reduce, re-use, recycle
Reduce waste with digital thermometers and fluorescent light bulbs. Reuse with rechargeable batteries. Recycle lead foils and shields in intraoral dental packets through a licensed recovery facility.

Green practice solutions
Practice management software saves paper, money, and time. Go paperless!

Editor's Note: Thanks to Sullivan-Schein's Jim Hammon for this list.