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Nov. 1, 2011
DentalEZ Group recently introduced its Simplicity Hygiene Package, which was designed to meet all hygiene needs...
DentalEZ introduces Simplicity package

DentalEZ Group recently introduced its Simplicity Hygiene Package, which was designed to meet all hygiene needs, all within easy reach. Components include the Simplicity Chair, light, and new hygiene unit. The Simplicity head features two handpieces, saliva ejector, syringe, and new DentalEZ integrated ultrasonic scaler. Newly designed unit arms provide space for vacuum lines to run internally and directly to the unit head. The three-way syringe is autoclavable.
Call (866) 383-4636 or visit

Crosstex extends secure seal with Secure Fit

A recent study found that a tight-fitting face mask may provide more than 100 times greater protection against infection than a loose-fitting mask (Diaz K., Smaldone G. Quantifying exposure risk: Surgical masks and respirators. The American Journal of Infection Control 2010;38:501-8). The patent-pending design of Secure Fit masks creates a custom fit that reduces potential exposure to infectious particles. Each Secure Fit mask creates a custom seal with aluminum nose and chin pieces that significantly reduce gapping at the bottom and sides of the mask.

GC America offers new MI Paste configuration

GC America Inc. recently announced a product configuration of MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, and each box contains 10 tubes (40 g) of strawberry flavor only. MI Paste and MI Paste Plus contain Recaldent (CPP-ACP), a special milk-derived protein that helps to remineralize teeth. MI Paste is a topical tooth crème that is applied to teeth and has less than 0.1% lactose. MI Paste Patient Indication cards provide instructions for 12 different patient dental needs (dry mouth, sensitivity, etc.).

Gluma gel provides desensitizing benefits

Gluma Desensitizer PowerGel is a one-step gel formula designed to provide the desensitizing benefits of traditional Gluma liquid with greater control and accuracy. Its green color provides easy visual placement and rinse-clean capability, and the non-drip formula minimizes potential contact with soft tissue. For use by dental hygienists on exposed dentin, including gingival recession. Visit

TotalCare launches protective eyewear
Kerr TotalCare recently introduced Googles Professional protective eyewear. Googles Professional is made up of a durable, permanent reusable frame with disposable lenses. The frame and lens are lightweight, making it comfortable for all-day use. The eyewear conveniently fits over glasses. Lens removal and installation is quick and easy. The fog-free lenses are also available in UV amber and tinted versions. Frames are available in four pearlescent colors.Visit or call (800) 841-1428

Rowpar introduces specialty toothpaste

Rowpar Pharmaceuticals recently announced its CloSYS patented formula toothpaste containing Cloralstan, a chlorine dioxide-based antimicrobial. The toothpaste combines the naturally activated oxidizing traits of the original formula with the anticavity properties of fluoride, and it remains pH balanced, triclosan-free, and sulfate-free. CloSYS fluoride and fluoride-free toothpastes, oral health mouth rinse, and fresh breath oral spray are sold through national retail locations.

Xyla offers xylitol lollipops

Xyla brand xylitol products are the leading brand of Xylitol products made in the
United States with North American Birch xylitol. Choose from six award-winning flavors of xylitol lollipops. With Xyla lollipops, patients of all ages can enjoy a sweet treat that tastes great and is proven to help prevent cavities.Visit or call (866) 995-9952Hu-Friedy promotes Nevi Scalers

This series of Hu-Friedy anterior and posterior sickle scalers are designed to help you scale efficiently, and they allow for access and reach into difficult areas. Plus, the ergonomic handles allow for a more comfortable scaling experience, stroke after stroke. All Nevi scalers feature EverEdge technology, which keeps the working ends sharper longer. You can follow Nevi 4 on his “Host Nevi Tour 2011” adventures at, as he travels across the country raising scholarship money for hygienists like you!

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