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Dec. 1, 2011
Essential Dental Systems, Inc. (EDS) recently announced the addition of ...
EDS introduces C-Mor mirrors

Essential Dental Systems, Inc. (EDS) recently announced the addition of C-Mor Ultra-Bright Front Surface Mirrors to its product line. The mirrors incorporate a hi-tech process that gives the practitioner the highest reflectance, light, and definition available. The C-Mor mirror is available in a convenient four-pack of #5 Stainless Steel Mirror Heads. Additionally offered is a Stainless Steel Mirror Handle.


Brush Buddies launches Bieber sonic brush

Brush Buddies recently released the Brush Buddies Sonic Toothbrush featuring Justin Bieber. The toothbrush features four iconic Bieber-inspired colors: purple, blue, red, and gold, and the battery-operated brush delivers more than 30,000 brush strokes per minute. The brush also comes equipped with a replaceable brush head and a built in tongue‐cleaner.


Phoenix Dental launches Super Seal

Phoenix Dental’s Super Seal removes the smear layer, seals the tubules, and desensitizes in one step. Because of its acidic nature, Super Seal demineralizes the smear layer (both organic and mineral debris) and the peritubular dentin (outermost ring of very hard mineralized dentin of each tubule complex). Super Seal and calcium hydroxyapatite react with each other, leaving a fine granular precipitate within the dentinal tubules at depths of 7 μm to 12 μm, and on the surfaces of the vital dentin, enamel, and cementum.

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Hager develops safety eyewear

Hager Worldwide recently released its Hager Elites, Hager Sports Pro, and Hager Twisters protective eyewear. The Hager Elites feature photochromic lens technology that automatically adapts to lighting conditions to reduce glare. The Hager Sports Pro line offers a durable frame and scratch-resistant lenses for patient protection. The Hager Twisters feature a frameless design that are memory bendable.

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