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Looking at current and new trends in whitening

June 1, 2010
When professional teeth whitening first appeared on the scene, it seemed like the gateway to prosperity for many practices.

When professional teeth whitening first appeared on the scene, it seemed like the gateway to prosperity for many practices. Indeed, there was a huge psychological shift in the mindset of many patients because for the first time in our industry's history, patients actually wanted to go to their dentist.

In the last several years, however, TV, print, and radio commercials have been enticing potential cosmetic whitening patients away from practices with direct OTC product offerings. This migration from professional, in-office whitening services to OTC whitening products impacts both short term and downstream revenue for many practices.

What are the new trends in whitening? How can you help your dentist clients in reclaiming a share of this market? In this article, Kevin Henry talks with Mike D'Errico (left), vice president of sales and marketing for Heraeus, about Venus White Ultra, Heraeus' take-home, high-performance whitening trays. As you'll discover, this product may be an important key to helping your clients win back their share of the whitening market.

Are patients still seeking whitening services in this challenged economy?

Yes. Consumers nationwide are making a white smile a top priority as evidenced by the popularity and growth in whitening products and the market overall. According to a national survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry®, the number one improvement the majority of people want is a whiter, brighter smile.

What are the new trends in whitening?

Importantly, more and more patients want the effectiveness of ‘professional grade' bleaching, but they want it at home and on their own time. Bottom line: They want it all! They want the convenience and cost effectiveness of an OTC product but the effectiveness of a professional-grade whitening solution.

How is Heraeus helping dentists to reclaim their share of the whitening market?

Heraeus just introduced Venus White Ultra, an extension of our Venus Esthetic suite of products that offers a beautiful and superior range of cosmetic products, both for direct and indirect application. A unique, entry-level whitening option, Venus White Ultra comprises seven upper and seven lower pre-filled, mint-flavored, take-home whitening trays. It aligns beautifully with what many patients today are seeking: the convenience and cost effectiveness of an OTC product that allows them to complete whitening on their own time with the effectiveness of professional, in-office whitening sessions.

Venus White Ultra is available for purchase from the dentist only. Unlike existing professionally available whitening options, which may utilize an enhancing light and/or customized tray, Venus White Ultra pre-filled bleaching trays do not require a light or special equipment. The ready-made disposable trays mean no alginate impressions and minimal chair time, which translates into less cost and less office time for the patient (and greater sales margins for the dentist).

To assist dentists in successfully positioning and selling Venus White Ultra, Heraeus provides consumer-friendly patient brochures that highlight the full offering of the product and explain the benefits of whitening.

I hear the sale of Venus White Ultra will benefit breast cancer research.

Yes, as part of our corporate philanthropic program, Heraeus is donating a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Venus White Ultra to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. The BCRF initiative is part of our larger global citizenship program and reflects Heraeus' commitment to use its resources to impact the greater community — and to transform lives in a positive way.

For more information on Venus White call Heraeus directly at (800) 431-1785, or visit