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Jan. 1, 2009
Dr. Fresh Inc. recently announced its purchase of the Binaca, Tek, and Dentex brands of breath sprays...

Dr. Fresh® acquires trio of brands

Dr. Fresh Inc. recently announced its purchase of the Binaca, Tek, and Dentex brands of breath sprays, and other oral care products from Ascendia Brands. The move expands Dr. Fresh's portfolio and complements the company's existing mouthwash and breath spray franchises.

“Binaca has long been the standard in the breath care category, enjoying a high degree of recognition and a loyal consumer following. We are thrilled to be able to count it among our brands,” said Daniel Enriquez, vice president of sales and marketing for Dr. Fresh Inc. “Binaca will accelerate our expansion into the breath care segment on the heels of our recent launch of Dentyne breath sprays, while also providing exceptional value both to consumers and to retailers.”

Trident to support Smiles program

Smiles Across America (SAA) is the recipient of a three-year $1,500,000 national sponsorship from Trident, a Cadbury brand. Trident's support represents the first multi-year commitment and the first donation over $1 million for SAA.

Trident and Oral Health America announced the award Dec. 4 at PS42, a New York City-based public school, accompanied by Jennie Garth (“90210”) who spoke about the importance of oral health care and led oral hygiene demonstrations for the school children. Faculty and dental students from SAA treatment partner New York University College of Dentistry were on hand to provide dental exams and sealants to the children.

“Trident is a proud sponsor of Smiles Across America, a program that shares our passion for the health and well-being of children,” said Delfina Baribeau, Trident's senior brand manager. “We know that school sealant programs work, and are a proven, cost-effective strategy in reaching children who do not have routine access to dental care.”

As a first step, Trident developed an awareness campaign published in People, Parade, and US Weekly, encouraging public support for the program at

Beth Truett, Oral Health America's president and CEO, said, “For many families, including those served by Smiles Across America, our economic environment is making access to care that much more difficult. Trident is allowing us not only to stand by our community program partners such as New York University's College of Dentistry, but also to bring the program to three new cities each year for the next three years.”

Smiles Across America provides resources, technical assistance, and donated dental product to communities across the country that are expanding school dental services in response to high rates of tooth decay among children. The program supports preventive dental care for over 90,000 uninsured and underinsured children annually, and that number is expected to double with Trident's funding.

Oral care reduces costs associated with diabetes

Overall medical and pharmacy costs in people with diabetes can be lowered by more than 10 percent per year in individuals receiving regular, non-surgical periodontal services, according to a recent University of Michigan study. The study also showed the same procedures were linked to as much as 19 percent lower diabetes-related medical costs. The research findings further underscore the importance of the link between medical and dental health.

The study analyzed five years of claims data from Blue Care Network, a Michigan-based HMO. The claims data pool consisted of 2,674 members with diabetes aged 18-64 with at least 12 consecutive months of medical, dental, and pharmaceutical coverage.