Bethany Montoya, RDH, uses the Pac-Dent ProMate CL in her practice.

Grassroots product evaluation: Pac-Dent ProMate CL

July 5, 2022
What if there was a way to cut the cords in your op? This team had the opportunity to experience the freedom of going cordless with the Pac-Dent ProMate CL, and they liked what they saw.

Dental hygienists are dependent on many cords in the operatory. These cords connect to our x-ray sensors, intraoral cameras and scanners, air water syringes, suction lines, ultrasonic scalers, lasers, and prophy handpieces. Nearly every piece of equipment we consider vital to our day-to-day patient care uses wires and hoses that connect to a power or water source.

What if there was a way to cut the cords? Our team of grassroots evaluators had the opportunity to experience the freedom of going cordless with the Pac-Dent ProMate CL, the next level in hygiene handpiece technology. From its lightweight, balanced feel to its sleek metal design with deep indigo accents, this is a system that is sure to enhance your hygiene operatory.

Benefits of ProMate CL

One of the most significant benefits the ProMate CL provides clinicians is ergonomic comfort. Recent research indicates that things such as repetitive movements, muscle load, and awkward/static posture are high-risk factors for the development of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) among dental hygienists.1 When using a traditional corded prophy handpiece, the weight of the handle combined with the cord’s constant heavy drag contributes to these biomechanical stressors that can cause operator discomfort and fatigue.

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The ProMate CL alleviates these concerns by eliminating cord drag completely and reducing the handpiece weight by about 20% when compared to the industry-leading corded handpiece.2 Our evaluators were particularly impressed by the Promate CL’s lightweight feel, textured grip, zero pull, and ease of use when maneuvering around their patients’ teeth. Using such a lightweight polishing system relieved the clinicians from feeling the continual tug and restriction associated with a traditional handpiece.

Another performance highlight for the ProMate CL is how quiet it is during operation when compared to the conventional slow-speed polish handpiece. A study conducted in 2019 found that patients with dental anxiety tend to be much more sensitive to sounds associated with the dental office.3 When patients are already feeling nervous in the dental chair, the loud whistle of the air-driven polish handpiece serves to heighten their fear. Also, pediatric patients suffering from sensory disorders may have difficulty tolerating the sounds of traditional polishing equipment. Our evaluators unanimously described the ProMate CL as “very quiet” and they feel that the reduced noise could be perceived as less intimidating by fearful patients. This characteristic is a win-win for patients and clinicians to provide the most positive hygiene experience.

The final feature that our team appreciated about the ProMate CL was its convenience and portability. With three autoclavable sheaths and disposable barrier sleeves included, maintaining proper infection control with this system is a breeze. The handpiece is also compatible with any brand of disposable prophy angle, so you’ll never have to worry about parting with your favorite.

Additionally, the six-speed adjustable power of the handpiece can be controlled directly on the handle itself or with its wireless foot pedal, which our evaluators preferred. The battery life on both the handpiece and foot pedal lasted through an entire clinical day, which makes it easy to transfer from room to room. One of our evaluators commented how the ProMate CL’s easy portability makes it an ideal option for professionals constantly on the go, such as those working in mobile dentistry.

Being attached to cords is our current reality in the world of dental hygiene, but Pac-Dent has provided a solution when it comes to the patient polishing experience. Using lightweight, ergonomic comfort combined with a quiet motor, convenient portability, and attractive design, the ProMate CL system is the perfect companion for hygienists who are looking to level up their clinical practice and ease their level of biomechanical stress. Our team of experts agree that this handpiece is a worthwhile investment in your clinical arsenal. It’s time to cut the cord!

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