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Grassroots product evaluation: Cranberry Carbon Air Nitrile Gloves

July 8, 2022
Learn what it is about the Carbon Air exam gloves that product evaluators said make them a must-have for practices everywhere.

If you worked in a dental practice during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you most likely encountered major issues with your preferred types of personal protective equipment (PPE) being in short supply. Many of us simply had to take whatever we could get, which forced us to experience the vast difference between questionably manufactured goods and truly safe, high-quality protective products.

When it comes to hand protection specifically, dental professionals need gloves that provide safety as well as comfort, tactile performance, and value. Our team of Grassroots evaluators had the opportunity to experience the difference with Cranberry’s Carbon Air Nitrile Powder-Free examination gloves. With their lightweight feel, stylish look, and enhanced texture, these gloves have most definitely become a clinician favorite!

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Safety first

While there are several qualities that dental professionals look for in high-performance gloves, the most important is safety. The material must be thick enough to protect the wearer from harm, but thin enough to accommodate the wearer’s tactile sensitivity. This can be a daunting task for glove manufacturers when supplying to dental professionals, as we rely heavily on our ability to detect slight changes with our fingertips while performing delicate procedures in small, hard-to-see areas. Aside from thickness, clinicians prefer a level of material stretch that will prevent glove tearing while providing patient care. The Carbon Air glove exceeded our evaluators’ expectations, with many noting that the material felt more protective than average while still preserving tactile sensitivity. One evaluator said they felt like they weren’t even wearing gloves! Another evaluator preferred the stretchiness of the gloves, which eliminated tearing while using and removing them.

Strong performance during care

Another feature our team enjoyed about the Carbon Air glove was its performance during patient care. The glove has textured fingertips that enhance instrument handling and control. While the material feels soft, smooth, and skinlike, evaluators praised the glove’s ability to effectively grasp instruments and prevent the wearer from feeling like their grip was slippery or insecure.

The gloves’ black color was another aspect that our clinicians appreciated, as it minimized the appearance of blood, debris, and hygiene product while users are performing preventive and therapeutic procedures. By eliminating visibility of these types of stains on the glove material, clinicians can effectively and subtly ease their patients’ anxiety while performing excellent supportive care.

Value and convenience

Product value was another attribute that our team appreciated about the Carbon Air glove. Evaluators expressed glove count per box to be a very important deciding factor when selecting a product for their offices, and Cranberry provides that value through its 300-count saver pack box. Clinicians can expect the convenience of higher glove usage before needing to change the box, which also reduces order quantity, storage demand, and packaging waste. Dental practitioners can feel confident knowing they are being both professionally and environmentally conscious by decreasing the amount of disposable packaging material kept on the shelves and in their bulk trash. In this particular scenario, less is definitely more!

Thankfully, the days of extreme supply shortages are behind us and most dental professionals have developed a new appreciation for effective, high-quality PPE. When choosing the appropriate hand protection for your team, safety, performance, and value rank among the highest considerations for dental office purchases. Cranberry’s Carbon Air Nitrile Powder-Free examination gloves deliver all the most important features that clinicians rely on when providing the best oral health care to their patients. Our expert evaluators agree that the comfort, control, and protection offered by the Carbon Air glove are sure to exceed your expectations. With both high quality and quantity, you can rest assured that your valuable hands are in good hands.

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