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A powerful therapy most dental professionals have never heard of.

Have you ever tried the powerful oxygen-ozone therapy?

March 20, 2024
The "essence of life itself" may be the very best therapy that dental professionals can offer—oxygen-ozone therapy. Barbara Tritz explains how it can benefit your patients.

One of the very best tools in our dental therapeutic toolbox is one most dental professionals are not even aware of. It's not a medicine but rather the essence of life itself, oxygen, but even better, super oxygen in the form of oxygen-ozone therapy. It's the safest medical therapy ever derived and plays an important role in health, healing, and well-being.

It's the best tool to create an optimal environment in the mouth and body.  Medical grade oxygen-ozone kills bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and even prions almost instantly. It leaves no toxic residue, only oxygen and water. It's been found to be made within our own antibodies as part of our immune system.

Therapeutically, we use between 0.05–5% ozone to oxygen. Tooth decay csn be reversed by ozone gas because it can permeate three to five millimeters into the tooth structure and tissues, killing the pathogens, as well as their toxic waste byproducts.  Once the bacteria and other pathogens as well as their toxic waste are eliminated, the tooth can now remineralize and heal itself.

Dental uses for ozone-ozone

Dental use of medical grade oxygen-ozone therapies  includes ozone gas insufflation into periodontal pockets. Ozone trays can be fabricated for full arch gas for both periodontal disease and caries (decay) therapies. Ozone gas can desensitize sensitive teeth. Ozone water kills baceria and breaks down the volatile sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, and heals wounds heal faster.

Dental unit water bottles filled with super oxygenated water used during ultrasonics, air polishing and drilling reduce bacterial aerosol contaminants as well as bacterial showers into the blood stream. Oxygen-ozone water keeps waterlines free of biofilm and the dental office air healthier. Ozone oils can be used for prevention as well as healing during dental hygiene scaling or with fever blisters and cold sores. Twenty-five percent of the time, these sores don't reoccur! 

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Barbara Tritz, MSB, BSDATE, BRDH, is a biological dental hygienist and orofacial myofunctional therapist whose blog, Queen of Dental Hygiene, provides patients the information they need to help them on their healing journey. “Our one-hour appointment time was just not long enough to share all the many important facts I wanted our patients to learn. Dental hygiene is about so much more than just teaching brushing and flossing," says Barbara. “We are healers, educators, and lifesavers, and we need to give our patients the tools and skills to empower them to true wellness and health.”

About the Author

Barbara Tritz, MSB, BSDATE, BRDH

Barbara Tritz, MSB, BSDATE, BRDH, is a practicing biological dental hygienist at Green City Dental in Edmonds, Washington. She is the owner of Washington Oral Wellness in Kirkland, Washington, where she practices orofacial myofunctional therapy. She completed her accreditation in biological dental hygiene through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, and is laser certified through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. In 2019 Barbara received the HuFriedy-American Dental Hygienist Association Master Clinician Award. Barbara can be contacted at [email protected].