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Feb. 11, 2014
The new ComfyRay digital sensor holder is a total solution for your entire radiographic needs.

At the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

Booth #3543

The new ComfyRay digital sensor holder is a total solution for your entire radiographic needs. Available in size 1 and size 2 to fit Carestream RVG 6100/6500 and Schick Elite & 33 sensors, the ComfyRay takes anterior, posterior, horizontal bitewings, vertical bitewings, and endodontic views with just ONE holder, ring, and rod. Patient comfort, ease of use and sensibly priced from ClikTech, Inc.


Booth #4219

Aurelia Gloves introduces Amazing, its thinnest nitrile gloves available from their product line. At 2 mil thick, Amazing gloves are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than standard nitrile, providing maximum comfort throughout the workday. Amazing gloves conform to the clinician's hands, delivering high tactile sensitivity while being strong and safe enough to stand up to the stress of any procedure. In addition, Amazing gloves are made with a textured surface on the fingers for precise and strong gripping capabilities. Aurelia Gloves' new "Zero-Touch" technology of 100% machine-packed gloves provides wrinkle-free gloves and hassle-free dispensing. "Zero-Touch" technology eliminates human contact to prevent possible cross contamination. Amazing gloves are packed 300 per box, as opposed to the standard 100, for convenience and a smaller environmental impact.


Booth #4739

PDT, Inc. introduces Jack B. Nimble Scaler (R130). Continuous curved blade, contra-angle scaler designed so optimal blade surface is in direct contact with tooth surface. Allows positive lateral pressure in anterior and premolar regions. Jack B. Nimble, Jack be quick! Ideal for pedo, ortho, crowded, rotated, lingual-version teeth. Like all other PDT periodontal instruments, it is light weight, well balanced, and incredibly sharp.


Booth #1802

DENTSPLY Professional is excited to introduce Cavitron FITGRIP Ultrasonic Inserts. Ergonomically designed with clinician's fingers in mind, the hygienist's grip naturally conforms to the insert's unique one piece design. FITGRIP will be available in nine of our most popular 30K Cavitron insert tip shapes, Focused Spray slimLINE, PowerLINE, and THINsert.


Booth #2202

Nordent Manufacturing, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of ImplaMate Micro-mini Curettes. ImplaMate Scalers and Curettes feature titanium tips that allow safe and effective maintenance of implant abutments. ImplaMate Micro-mini Curettes are
available in Langer 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 designs and feature shorter and narrower blades to provide exceptional access around abutments with tightly attached soft tissue. ImplaMate instruments never need to be sharpened and may be sterilized by any method.Phone: (800) 966-7336

Booth #3321

Adding to an already vast line of dental products, Plak Smacker announces the launch of new TruFit Scented Nitrile Examination Gloves. Clinicians who prefer latex-free gloves now have the option to purchase in bubblegum and grape scents. Perfect for pediatric patients, these gloves offer scents that kids love in a thin, cornflower blue, nitrile material. Additional product benefits include:

  • Powder free
  • Durable protection
  • Soft, elastic, flexible fit
  • Ultimate tactile stability
  • Textured finger design and beaded cuff


Booth #817

The new Microflex Neogard glove is made from a unique, non-latex formulation that delivers outstanding grip in wet and dry environments, perfect for dealing with explorers and handpieces. With unparalleled tactile sensitivity and strength, Neogard gloves are ideal for every task, from cleanings to orthodontics.


Booth #1611

Water Pik, Inc. introduces the Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser (WP-660), the most advanced Water Flosser ever. The Aquarius includes on/off water control on the handle, an LED information panel, and seven water flosser tips. New pulse-modulation technology includes a Floss mode for maximum plaque removal, and a Hydro-Pulse Massage mode for enhanced gingival stimulation and improved circulation. The Aquarius also features a one-minute timer with a 30 second pacer and a new, contemporary design.


Booth #4138

Another innovation by POH -- Dental Floss Refills! Patients appreciate having these refills for their personal oral hygiene. By refilling the wonderful little round containers, they will always have some POH floss! One patient wrote and said: "Putting in the refill was simple. This is better for the environment also." POH dental floss refills are cost effective and eco-friendly. Available in NoWax and LiteWax, Classic White, or Percept Black.


Booth #3204

Most patients have a variety of spaces between their teeth -- from tight contacts to wide embrasures. GUM Soft-Picks, which were clinically proven to remove plaque as effectively as string floss, are now available for wider spaces. GUM Soft-Picks for Wider Spaces is based on Soft-Picks original design, 25% wider for larger tooth spaces; effectively removes plaque and food between teeth; massages and stimulates gums; comfortable and easy to use; no metal parts -- great for cleaning around implants, crowns, bridges, and orthodontia. GUM Soft-Picks Original and Wider Spaces provide easy-to-use options for between-teeth-cleaning that can lead to increased compliance and better oral health.


Booth #3421

Young Dental is excited to introduce Vera by Young, a brand new disposable prophy angle. Vera by Young offers a compact prophy angle head and slim neck, uniquely designed to improve maneuverability in the mouth during polishing. This prophy angle enhances reach and access in a variety of clinical situations, including distal regions of posterior molars. Its round head can also help with patient comfort. Vera by Young provides the durable performance that Young is known for, making polishing enjoyable for hygienists and patients.


Booth #1639

Zila considers Rotadent to be the cornerstone of patient health, knowing that what patients do at home is the largest contributor to their oral health. Rotadent is a disease-fighting home-care instrument, designed to improve your patients' homecare routine. A 360-degree rotation mechanically removes 92% of plaque within one minute, and thin MicroAccess filaments reach below the gumline and interproximally, making Rotadent clinically as effective as manual brushing and flossing combined.


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