Top 5 visited articles on in 2012

Nov. 15, 2012
According to website statistics, here are the most viewed articles on the dental hygiene website,

The articles below, according to visitors to, were the most popular articles appearing in RDH magazine during 2012.

1) 2011 salary survey

Actually, the 2011 survey was the top one in the early months of 2012. In the meantime, another survey was completed this fall. We figure you’d rather read the current version.

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2) Expectations of wages

The author, Lisa Dowst-Mayo, RDH, advocated “knowing what you are worth and believing in what you are worth.” She reviewed compensation models in dental hygiene and offered her opinions on the pros and the cons of each.

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3) Resolving ethical dilemmas in dental hygiene practice

The author, Marcy Ortiz, RDH, addresses such topics as informed consent and supervised neglect. She discusses an ethics model that is used in dentistry to make sure professionals stay on the correct path in decision-making.

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4) The art and science of temping

The author, Vicki Munday, RDH, prepared a primer of sorts with good information for the hygienist who works on temporary assignments in various offices. It even ends with how to take a deep breath in the parking lot at the end of the shift.

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5) Food allergy awareness

The author, Michelle Fagan, RDH, talks about allergic reactions to food groups. Yes, there is a dental connection. Who knew gluten was such an important part of several types of dental products?

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6) A Dental Patient's Perspective About Infection Control

If you want to argue that the salary survey at No. 1 is really the collaborative effort of both RDH eVillage e-newsletter and RDH magazine, we won’t argue with you. Here’s what ranked No. 6. The magazine’s infection control columnist, Noel Kelsch, RDHAP, described dental office asepsis, or lack thereof, from the patient’s perspective.

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