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Dec. 17, 2013
Last year, GC America introduced MI Varnish with Recaldent technology for the treatment and relief of hypersensitive teeth in a fresh strawberry flavor.

by Joe Blaes, DDS

MI Varnish™ with RECALDENT™ (CPP-ACP) Technology – Adds a new "fresh mint" flavor

by GC America

Last year, GC America introduced MI Varnish with Recaldent technology for the treatment and relief of hypersensitive teeth in a fresh strawberry flavor. Now a new great-tasting fresh mint flavor has been added to the fluoride varnish line. MI Varnish with Recaldent (CPP-ACP) releases bioavailable calcium and phosphate ions into the saliva to gain that extra boost of protection. It enhances enamel acid resistance and contributes to high salivary calcium and phosphate levels. MI Varnish seals and penetrates into dentinal tubules, effectively blocking out external stimuli. MI Varnish fresh mint has a smooth and creamy texture upon application and dries clear. Additionally, it is not tacky or sticky when applied. The difference is in the Recaldent (CPP-ACP). This makes MI Varnish a natural and unique choice for dentists, staffs, and patients. MI Varnish joins MI Paste and MI Paste Plus in providing a comprehensive system for the dental professional team. If a patient has a moderate to high caries risk assessment, use MI Varnish in-office, and then instruct the patient to continue daily care at-home with regular use of MI Paste or MI Paste Plus to enhance the calcium and phosphate bioavailability. MI Varnish, used in conjunction with MI Paste and MI Paste Plus, results in a well-rounded treatment plan that enables patients to maintain strong, healthy teeth. It is available in a 50-unit dose box. The unique unit dose containers are easy to open and contain enough material for a typical full-mouth application.

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by Young™

This is the first new design of a prophy angle in many years. Three years in the design and production, this smaller prophy angle is unique in its many features. Vera by Young has a compact head with a slim neck designed to fit easier in the tight spaces of the mouth. The slim design makes it easier to see what you are doing. All of these unique features are designed to deliver maneuverability in the mouth during polishing. Using this prophy angle allows for easy reach and access in a variety of clinical situations, such as tight buccal mucosa, small mouths, and third molars. Vera by Young's design makes polishing the distal region of posterior molars easy. Vera by Young can reach different areas of the mouth with ease, while its smooth, round head design also can help with patient comfort. This new prophy angle is recommended for all patients, especially those with small mouths and crowded dentition. It will also improve polishing on pediatric patients. I gave some of the Vera by Young prophy angles to my hygienist, Karen Reiner, to try. She was delighted with their performance. She liked the shortness of the prophy angle, believing that she had more control of the handpiece. She also found that the round head design was more comfortable for patients, and that it was much easier to polish the distal portion of posterior molars. Vera by Young provides the same durable performance for which Young is known, making polishing enjoyable for hygienists and patients.

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