Anasthetic Buffering: New Advances for Use in Dentistry

Jan. 1, 2013


Local anesthetics are the safest drugs used in dentistry for pain management, but cause undesirable qualities such as stinging and burning upon injection, relatively slow onset of action, and unreliable or no anesthesia when injected into infected tissues. Buffering of local anesthetics has been demonstrated to counteract these undesirable qualities of local anesthetics. Recent advances in technology have made buffering of local anesthetics practical for use to alkalinize dental local anesthetic cartridges chairside immediately prior to injection, making the anesthetic’s onset quicker, more reliable, and more comfortable for the patient. This article provides an overview of neurophysiology, pharmacology of local anesthetics, and the role and benefits of local anesthetic buffering. To view remainder of this course, please click here.