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Featured new dental hygiene products in 2017 RDH magazine

Nov. 1, 2017

Featured new products in 2017 RDH magazine

Montana Jack Titanium – By Paradise Dental Technologies
  • The great features of your Montana Jack are now available in titanium for implant maintenance.

  • The perfect supplement to your R900 Wingrove Go-To Set.

  • Blades are uniquely processed, solid USA medical-grade titanium.

  • Does not scratch implants and can be re-sharpened on a dedicated stone.

  • Suggested for use on single-implant posterior crowns.

Visit for a chance to win a Montana Jack Titanium instrument.

Esamate MW Low Speed Handpiece – By Preventech
  • Heat sterilization tolerant means it’s infection control compliant in all 50 states.

  • The 50% lighter than traditional hygiene handpiece connections reduce hand and wrist fatigue

  • Proven air-driven performance. No recharging or batteries required.

  • Lube-free, so it’s less messy to maintain

  • Sturdy, stainless steel housing is backed by a two-year warranty.

Visit for a variety of easy purchase options.

Fluoridex – By Denmat
  • Fluoridex toothpastes contain 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride, concentrated at 5000ppm—more than four times the active ingredient of nonprescription brands.

  • Patients overwhelmingly prefer the taste and consistency
    of Fluoridex, increasing patient compliance.

  • Fluoridex inhibits demineralization and bacterial activity.

  • Fluoridex prevents and controls dental caries.

  • Fluoridex provides greater enamel resistance
    and enhances remineralization

Visit to sign up for a free Hartzell Scaler Curette (limited quantities), or call (800) 4DENMAT with questions.

Duraflor Ultra – By Medicom
  • Innovative formulation offers our fastest fluoride release.

  • Improved performance for unmatched results.

  • Smooth consistency for effortless application.

  • Available in three great tasting flavors: Caramel, Mint and Strawberry.


Fluorilaq Squeeze – By Pascal Company
  • Premixed Nano Suspension of 5% Sodium Fluoride with xylitol.

  • Available in Salted Caramel, Bubblegum, and Fresh Mint flavors

  • Precise - No waste application- Unique “Micro-Precise” nozzle provides consistent droplets every time allowing complete dispensing control and no wasted varnish.

  • Patient Friendly - Dries to clear and smooth finish

  • Contains no gluten, saccharin or aspartame, n-hexane free and colophony-free meaning there is no potential for pine or tree nut allergic reactions.

Visit for a special buy-one-get-one-free offer. Contact your dealer to place order, or contact Pascal directly (800-426-8051) for assistance.

Titanium Implant Scalers – By Hu-Friedy
  • Perform at your best with Hu-Friedy’s new, state of the art line of Titanium Implant Scalers. Made from the same titanium alloy as implants and abutments, these scalers are expertly designed and manufactured for implant maintenance, debridement, biofilm removal, and can be used both supra- and subgingivally.

  • Improved visual acuity with Hu-Friedy’s signature
    teal-colored anodized titanium

  • Optimized sharpness with cutting edges that are finely honed and sharpened post anodization process.

  • Enhanced instrument characteristics for implant maintenance with the ability to remove calculus and biofilm.

  • Increased instrument value with the ability to be sharpened at any time to extend the useful life of the instrument.

  • Ergonomic sensitivity featuring our ergo handle that offers a large diameter and cross/hatch
    design for maximum tactile grip and support.


SiroLaser Advance Plus – By Dentsply Sirona
  • 2-wavelengths in one machine: 970 nm wavelength covers all indications in the field of soft-tissue surgery, periodontology and endodontics; 660 nm wavelength is used for low-level-laser therapy, allowing it to cover more than 20 indications.

  • The pre-sterilized, single-use tips make for quicker and easier setup between patients.

  • Foot pedal or finger switch options give user flexibility in operation.

  • Up to six user profiles help make use quick and simple.

  • Small footprint makes for easy transfer among operatories.