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It's decision time for rocking your career along

Dec. 1, 2017
Kristine Hodsdon, RDH, invites dental hygienists to take the next step with career development at RDH Evolution. 
PennWell starts RDH Evolution conference to aid dental hygienists in defining career objectives

By Kristine Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC

When cultivating your career or building a business all alone, it’s isolating and overwhelming. As soon as you have a supportive community, it all gets easier.

Did you know we are genetically hardwired for friendship and being in relationships, especially during the challenges of pursuing big dreams? Since the things that can stop you from building a business or changing jobs is often feeling overwhelmed and fear, research shows that we need a supportive tribe around us in order to truly thrive.

When you join us at the RDH Evolution on April 5-8 at the Hilton in Rosemont, Ill., you will be in the slipstream of success alongside other hygienists. This 2-½ day career-building event will support you and inspire you with tangible career and networking tools. Get completely dialed in and capture the steps to evoke clarity in your career. Feel empowered, so that you will stand for your values and begin to create a career or business that fits your life and responsibilities vs. you fitting your life around your job.

Have you ever thought, “What am I doing with my career? What am I going to do next?” Have you experienced Facebook envy because you think everyone else seems to have their careers figured out? This program will help get you the answers, support, and inspiration you need beginning with a welcome call for all registrants before the event even takes place, and an integration call once you are back into your routine and need a gentle nudge to keep taking your next step.

RDH Evolution includes sessions on:

  • Get clarity in your career

  • Fast track into public health, education, becoming an inventor and/or business owner; consulting, becoming a speaker, etc.

  • One-on-one coaching,

  • Panel discussions and audience mingles

  • A personalized career blueprint handbook

An example of one of the presenters at RDH Evolution is Emily Boge, RDH, MPA, who is the dental administrative chair at Hawkeye Community College in Waterloo, Iowa. Among other things, Emily is a college administrator, inventor, and public health advocate.

At RDH Evolution, Emily’s main presentation is titled, “If You Ain’t Changing, You Ain’t Growing: A guide into education and innovation.”

Her course description states, “Becoming an educator or higher education administrator takes grit, resilience, and the flexibility to change. Are you ready to learn what it takes to begin your journey in dental hygiene education?”

The learning objectives for Emily’s course includes:

  • Define CODA and explain how the commission works to define education standards for all dental professions.

  • Differentiate between entry-level dental hygiene education and higher-degree levels; clinical and didactic education in dental hygiene; and what is needed to be an entry-level dental hygiene program educator.

  • Identify qualities of an employable educator and what colleges are looking for in an entry-level hire.

  • Identify necessary paperwork needed prior to applying for a dental hygiene education position (such as curriculum vitae, online application, resume, transcripts, etc. and the process of a dental hygiene education interview.

Two other instructors at RDH Evolution are Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, of Boston and Sara Paone, RDH, of Toronto.

The conference offers four different types of seminars:

  • Topic sessions last one hour, presented by an expert with “real life” experience in an area of dental hygiene.

  • Breakout sessions last 30 minutes, presented by the corporate side of dental hygiene.

  • Group interaction sessions last 30 minutes and are designed to be interactive group activities.

  • Panel discussions conclude each day of RDH Evolution, allowing speakers and attendees to expand on course content.

RDH Evolution also features a “yearbook” that will foster relationships between mentors and other course participants.

If you’re ready to discover a career that makes you wildly enthusiastic, which honors your values, your heart is likely telling you the RDH Evolution event is a good opportunity to do so. Follow your heart and enroll today at

RDH Evolution also features expertise from Amber Auger, RDH, MPH, and Sara Paone, RDH, RNCP. Auger will be presenting information about public health and consulting, and Paone will be addressing the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Join us with the intention to say “Yes!” to your dreams and make them bigger than your doubts and feelings of being overwhelmed. I cannot wait to see you and begin to support your future successes at the RDH Evolution!

Let’s do this together!

Kristine A. Hodsdon-Berry, RDH, MSEC, mentors female professionals to earn more by building profitable businesses and/or confidently advancing in their careers. She is an award-winning international speaker, author, and consultant. To learn more about her coaching program for women entrepreneurs, or to receive her Feminista Living e-zine, visit