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Double-sided mirror
Hu-Friedy introduces a #5 double-sided mirror (order code MIR5DS) to its line of precision diagnostic instruments.

Like all Hu-Friedy mirrors, the MIR5DS features a clear, distortion-free reflection. The rhodium-coated lenses are scratch-resistant and have a smooth finish for maximum patient comfort. The cone-socket design securely connects the mirror head and handle, and is compatible with all four of Hu-Friedy's mirror-handle

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Double-sided mirror
Hu-Friedy introduces a #5 double-sided mirror (order code MIR5DS) to its line of precision diagnostic instruments.

Like all Hu-Friedy mirrors, the MIR5DS features a clear, distortion-free reflection. The rhodium-coated lenses are scratch-resistant and have a smooth finish for maximum patient comfort. The cone-socket design securely connects the mirror head and handle, and is compatible with all four of Hu-Friedy's mirror-handle options.

For additional information on the MIR5DS or any Hu-Friedy products, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

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Black dental floss
A new idea in dental floss from Oral Health Products, Inc. is now on the market. PERCEPT, a black dental floss, is a great visual aid in teaching patients personal oral hygiene because the removed plaque contrasts with the color of the floss. The floss comes in spools of 100 yards.

For more information, contact Oral Health Products, Inc. at (800) 331-4645 or visit

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Multivitamin promotes oral health
CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. introduces Dentaplex™, a professionally recommended nutritional supplement specifically formulated to help maintain optimal oral health. The new supplement's formulation is built on a 'C-complex" of calcium, vitamin C, and carotene, the group of vitamins and minerals closely associated with healthy gums and strong teeth. Dentaplex™ is available for sale in pharmacies, food and mass merchandise stores.

For more information, visit

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Taskal 7 hygienist handpiece
NSK America introduces the Taskal 7, a cordless, rechargeable, ergonomically designed hygienist handpiece. The Taskal 7 offers a speed range of 600-2,000 rpm that is ideal for polishing.

Taskal 7 features a screw-in type prophy head that accepts any brand of prophy cup. The prophy head is autoclavable.

Taskal 7 allows one-hour continuous use after one-hour charging. For more information, call NSK America at (888) 675-1675 or visit

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Topex® fluoride gel
New Topex® Take Home Care® 1.1% Neutral Sodium Fluoride makes proven reduction of caries and hypersensitivity right at home! Gentle on porcelain, bridges, crowns, and composite restorations, this dentifrice is usable in place of your regular toothpaste. Great for treating sensitivity associated with tooth whitening and for orthodontic patients with decalcification while ideal for patients intolerant of acidic fluorides as a result of xerostomia, bulimia, soft-tissue radiation, systemic disease, or chemotherapy.

For more information, call Sultan Dental Products at (800) 238-6739 or visit

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Professional athletic mouthguards
Proform has assembled a marketing kit for the dental office to use in the promotion of professionally made athletic mouthguards. The complete kit contains: a promotional video, a poster, patient-education brochures, and laminated mouthguards to be made into demonstration appliances. The kit also includes studies supporting the five reasons why professional mouthguards are better than store-bought types.

For more information on the Proform Athletic Mouthguard Marketing Kit, contact Dental Resources, Inc. at (800) 328-1276.

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Bolt™ Max brightens the world of dental care
Munchkin, Inc. introduces Bolt® Max, the first disposable toothbrush with a light-up head and suction-cup base. The light-up feature not only makes brushing fun, but it also acts as an early-warning system to remind users to replace their toothbrush every three months (when the light goes out) as recommended by dentists. The Power Suction® cup base promotes air-drying (recommended by dentists) by keeping the toothbrush affixed to the counter and away from direct contact with germs. The brush is available to all ages in a wide variety of colors.

For details, visit or

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Infection-control products
Zila Professional Pharmaceu-ticals announces the launch of Zila Pro-Wash™ 0.75 percent CHG antiseptic hand wash, and Zila Pro-Scrub™ with 2.0 percent CHG.

CHG is a highly effective antimicrobial agent, which kills a wide variety of microorganisms. It is nontoxic, nonirritating, fast-acting, and persistent, continuing to inhibit microbial rebound over time.

For additional information or to place an order, call Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals at (866) Zila-Pro (945-2776) or visit

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Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler
The Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler offers something no other dental product offers today: a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product. The Proxi-Tip®, Proxi-Pik™, Perio-Brush, and Inter-Brush/Adapter store in the handle.

For a free sample and pricing details, call AIT Dental, Inc. at (800) 876-4620.

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Moisture-control line sample paks
Young Dental has established a broad line of products for controlling or containing moisture during dental and hygiene procedures. The line contains a selection of evacuation products such as Surg-O-Vac®, Vent-O-Vac®, Ultra-Vac™, and Roto-Vac® aspiration tips. Dri-Aid™ and Silver Dri-Aid™ are thin, absorbent protective wafers that absorb more than cotton rolls, yet hold their shape and protect the check tissue. The widest selection of rubber-dam frames is the mainstay of this product line.

A new sample pack containing a selection of the evacuation tips, Dri-Aids and Silver Dri-Aids is available now. To try a sample, call your dealer or contact Young Dental at (800) 325-1881, Ext. 3145.

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Select color-coding system
American Eagle Instruments' Select™ color-coding system has been designed to eliminate bulky silicone over rings and have a lifetime guarantee. The new color system will prove to be especially helpful in group practices, hygiene offices, and dental and hygiene schools. The simple, three-piece system not only allows simple color-coding, but also allows you to replace instrument tips in your own office. A new brochure explaining the benefits of this product is available.

For additional information, contact American Eagle Instruments, Inc. at (800) 551-5172 or visit

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Biogel® Skinsense™ N
Biogel® Skinsense™ N, the newest addition to Regent Medical's full line of Biogel® powder-free surgical gloves, offers powder-free, nonlatex barrier protection and is designed for healthcare workers who care for patients with latex allergies or who choose a nonlatex surgical glove alternative.

Formulated from a proprietary Neoprene™-based manufacturing process, Biogel® Skinsense™ N offers exemplary nonlatex barrier protection with the fit, feel, and comfort of natural rubber latex.

For more details about Biogel® Skinsense™ N or Regent Medical's full line of Biogel products, call (800) 843-8497 or visit

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Battery-operated toothbrush
The Crest SpinBrush™ is an easy-to-use, battery-operated toothbrush that gives families the efficacy of an electric toothbrush at manual toothbrush prices.

Designed with a combination of high-quality Dupont oscillating and stationary bristles, it is highly effective for cleaning teeth and removing plaque. The combination of bristles also allows people to use the manual toothbrush motion they're used to while getting the enhanced benefits of an electric toothbrush.

The Crest SpinBrush™ for Kids comes in four designs (mermaid, race car, cell phone, and rocket ship) and the adult version features six vibrant colors plus the Classic white design. They are available in retail stores nationwide.

For more information, check out the Crest Family Care Center at

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ActionGuard™ gives additional defense
Give your patients the right defense with an ActionGuard™ from MicroDental Laboratories. ActionGuard™ is professionally fabricated in a variety of colors and varying levels of thickness to provide your patients with an additional defense against the teeth and mouth-related injuries often associated with football, soccer, hockey, and many other competitive and recreational sports.

To learn more, call MicroDental Laboratories at (800) 229-0936.

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Vista Select+™
Vista Dental Products recently introduced the Vista Select+™ System, a closed line two-bottle reservoir system with a built-in Piezo ultrasonic scaler. It is said to be the only scaling/reservoir system on the market that can be wall- or pole-mounted for easy placement in the operatory.

The ultrasonic handpiece of the Vista Select+™ is fully autoclavable and users will find the vibration-free use of the system to reduce or eliminate hand fatigue. The system offers the thinnest subgingival tips available with over 60 ultrasonic tips for hygiene, perio, and endodontic procedures. The one-liter system also includes an additional lightweight, autoclavable irrigating handpiece for site-specific pocket irrigation.

For more details, contact Vista Dental Products at (877) 418-4782 or visit

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Anti-Stick Surgical Gimbel Glove
Trademark Medical introduces the physician-invented, puncture-proof Gimbel Glove that provides a substantial increase in protection over double-gloving with latex.

Unique fingertip pads provide significant protection against punctures from needles, wires, bone fragments, and cuts/slashes from scalpels and other sharp objects. The glove minimizes the potential threat of latex allergy by exceeding the new proposed FDA requirements for water-soluble, micro-thin, polymer mesh protein levels. The lightweight materials provide for natural feel with no adjustment period for the user.

For additional information, contact Trademark Medical at (800) 325-9044 or visit

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Extra-coarse fluoridated prophylaxis paste
New ProphyMiracle fluoridated prophy paste was developed specifically for use with The Twist™ ¼ Turn Prophy Angle. Test results show using this prophy angle in conjunction with ProphyMiracle Fluoridated Prophy Paste facilitates rapid stain removal with superior polishing, while eliminating splatter.

ProphyPaste Prophy Paste is packaged in 2 gm unit-dose cups packed 200 per box, and is available in great-tasting Coarse Mint. A patented finger ring shaped to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand is included free in every box.

Details are available by calling (877) PROPHYS (776-7497) or visit

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Premier Instrument Booklet with professional product offers
Premier Dental Products Company has available a 24-page, full-color instrument booklet highlighting the popular categories from its comprehensive line of over 1,000 designs.

Dentists and hygienists can receive leading products for the dental practice at no charge, based upon various purchase levels of Premier Instruments. A free box of Triple Tray ($45 value) is earned when purchasing $100 of instruments.

For more information or to receive the free catalog with the promotional offer, call Premier Dental Products Company at (888) 773-6872.

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New sterilizing solution
Sporicidin Sterilizing Solution has received a new FDA clearance for a 1% glutaraldehyde sterilizing solution that achieves complete high-level disinfection in 20 minutes. It can be used and reused for 14 days. Current glutaraldehyde products require 2.4% to 3.4% and up to 45 minutes contact time. Because of the reduced glutaraldehyde, Sporicidin Sterilizing/High Level Disinfectant Solution is safer for dental instruments and equipment. The lower glutaraldehyde is a health benefit to the end-user.

For additional information, contact Sporicidin International at (301) 231-7700.

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The Dental Gripper™
Clinically proven to relieve patient anxiety during treatment, The Dental Gripper™ will allow patients to channel their stress by squeezing a soft, slightly resistant hand gripper. No more white knuckles on the chair arms or twisted hands in the patient's lap. The Dental Gripper™ is customized with your practice name and telephone number in your choice of several colors: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, white, gray, melon, teal, black, and purple. This unique marketing tool can be given to patients for relieving everyday stress and keeps your practice name always within their grasp.

For additional information or to order The Dental Gripper™, call McKenzie Management & Associates at (877) 777-6151 or order online at and receive a free subscription to Sally McKenzie's practice-management e-letter.

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Orabase® Soothe-N-Seal™
Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Inc. introduces a canker and mouth-sore treatment — Colgate Orabase® Soothe-N-Seal™. It is clinically proven to stop mouth pain immediately upon application. People who wear dentures or orthodontic appliances can benefit from this product since they frequently suffer from mouth irritation as well.

Colgate Orabase® Soothe-N-Seal™ works by sealing off the nerve endings and creating a protective barrier over the affected area — allowing you to eat and drink normally without experiencing further irritation. As it seals, the liquid transforms to a thin, yet strong barrier that stays in place for up to six hours, promoting natural healing.

For more information, visit

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