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Th 83266
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Duraflor® Unit Dose Varnish
Duraflor® 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish, developed by Medicom, Inc., relieves sensitive teeth by coating the dental tubules with an easy brush-on application and, in most cases, will provide immediate relief for the patient. Each premeasured unit dose contains 0.5 ml of 5% fluoride varnish, along with a disposable brush (one adult application per unit dose).

Duraflor® is easy and simple to use. Just paint on the thick varnish and it dries immediately, even in the presence of saliva. The product will remain in place up to eight hours, allowing maximum fluoride uptake.

Duraflor® unit dose is packaged in a box of 16 one ml unit-dose applications (Item #1011). Special offer: Buy three boxes, get one free.

Contact your local dealer to place an order. For additional information, call (800) 308-6589 or visit

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Hu-Friedy introduces Satin Swivel™ Ultrasonic Insert
The exclusive swivel feature of the Satin Swivel™ minimizes the drag from the handpiece cord, allowing you to simply roll the instrument slightly in your fingertips as you would a hand instrument. Move from tooth to tooth or arch to arch with a Satin Swivel™ insert without having to stop scaling to turn the insert for smoother, more efficient scaling.

The insert is available in three different tip designs. The #10 Universal is ideal for light to heavy debris removal. The #100 Thin has a thinner tip design for light to moderate deposit removal. The #1000 Triple Bend increases access interproximally and around line angles while enhancing the removal of heavy stain and calculus deposits.

The Satin Swivel™ is available this month through any authorized Hu-Friedy dealer.

For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

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Oral-B® launches new home-care line
Oral-B Laboratories recently announced the launch of Oral-B® Stages™, an innovative line of toothbrushes designed to meet the evolving needs of children at different stages of dental development — from infancy to preteen years. Each toothbrush addresses the 3D's of children's oral care: dentition, dexterity, and development.

All Oral-B® Stages™ toothbrushes share several innovative features. Each has a cushioned head to help protect tender gums during brushing and Indicator® bristles that signal when to replace the toothbrush for optimal cleaning.

Oral-B® Stages™ will be available to dental professionals beginning next month for $10.95 per dozen for Oral-B Guaranteed Savings Plan customers. In addition, a variety pack of toothpaste sachets will include: Mickey Mouse and Friends, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Buzz Lightyear, and Disney Princesses.

Dental professionals may call Oral-B at (800) 44-ORALB for more information and samples or visit

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SplatrFree® prophy angles
SmartPractice® SplatrFree® prophy angles protect you and your patients from the mess and risk of cross-contamination caused by annoying splatter. While conventional prophy angles cause spray to "spin off" in all directions, SplatrFree® prophy angles feature a patented design that keeps the splatter where it belongs, and not on you.

Try them today. For additional information, contact SmartPractice® at (800) 522-0800.

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ViziLite™ oral examination device
Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals introduces the ViziLite™ chemiluminescent test kit for use in conjunction with a conventional visual oral mucosal examination to improve the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of oral mucosal abnormalities in those at increased risk for oral cancer.

The ViziLite™ device produces a diffuse light for approximately 10 minutes. The specific ViziLite™ wavelengths are absorbed by normal cells and reflected by abnormal cells. As a result, atypical or dysplastic mucosal abnormalities appear bright white, focusing attention on lesions which might not be seen otherwise and which may be revealed upon biopsy to include cancer and precancer. Lesions identified with the ViziLite™ product can be monitored, biopsied, treated, or excised, according to the clinician's judgment.

For details, contact Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals at (800) 922-7887.

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SaniClenz antimicrobial skin cleanser
SaniClenz antimicrobial skin cleanser with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) provides rapid bactericidal action and with a persistent antimicrobial effect against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as a wide range of microorganisms. It creates a residual effect not found in other skin disinfectants.

SaniClenz with 2% CHG is as effective as 4% CHG formulas when used as an antimicrobial handwash.

The 2% CHG formula is milder to the skin and greatly reduces the risk of staining associated with 4% formulas. SaniClenz is nontoxic and nonirritating with a pleasant berry scent. It is available in convenient pint dispenser bottles and gallon refills.

For more details, call (888) CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

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Report says oral health is key to total health
According to the U.S. Surgeon General's Executive Summary on Oral Health, tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease in children. The report also stresses the importance of oral health as a key part of total health. To address this issue, Dr. Gregory George, a pediatric dentist, announced the availability of the Dental Health Educational Kit. It is designed to help hygienists, teachers, pediatricians, and dentists educate their patients and students about oral health care. The kit is an integral part of the "Look Mom, No Cavities" program developed by Dr. George, whose objective is raising a cavity-free generation of children.

The Dental Health Education Kit is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use, kid-friendly motivational multi-media program designed to educate children between the ages of 5 and 18.

"The kit allows parents and children to work together to help prevent cavities at home, giving children the techniques and motivation to practice effective oral health," says Dr. George. "It's a win-win for health professionals, teachers, and their patients and students."

For more information or to order a Dental Health Education Kit, call (888) 292-1991 or visit the Cavity Busters Web site at

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Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler
The Proxi-Tip® Pocket Traveler offers something no other dental product offers today: a complete interdental care system that is designed to provide thorough interdental cleaning with a unique assortment of replaceable tips, all in one convenient product. The Proxi-Tip®, Proxi-Pik™, Perio-Brush, and InterBrush/Adapter store in the handle.

For a free sample and pricing details, call AIT Dental at (800) 876-4620.

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SmartPractice gives patients a taste for visiting the dentist
For patients who need an incentive greater than the promise of a healthier smile to climb into the dental chair, SmartPractice announces the introduction of a la' mode™ flavored latex exam gloves.

Identical in performance and composition to SmartPractice powder-free exam gloves, a la' mode™ gloves entice patients with a delicious alternative to the antiseptic taste of latex. Patients can now sit back in the chair, close their eyes and open their mouths, and fantasize that they are enjoying their favorite white chocolate, vanilla, or blueberry treats.

The gloves are available in boutique-sized boxes holding the 100 gloves as a standard box but it is taller and narrower, allowing two glove boxes to fit in the same amount of counter space. This will no doubt be welcome in offices where counter space is at a premium.

SmartPractice is offering special introductory pricing on a la' mode™ gloves. For more information, call (800) 522-0595, Ext. 555.

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Disposa-Shield® i/c barrier
DENTSPLY Professional announces a new addition to the Disposa-Shield® infection-control barrier family. The new barrier for Standard Syringe Type Delivery Systems is completely consistent in performance and satisfaction with the other superior barriers in the Disposa-Shield® line.

Die-cut for optimum fit and constructed out of heavier gauge plastic than standard infection-control barriers, the new Disposa-Shield® Barrier for Standard Syringe Type Delivery Systems will also enjoy the distinction of being the only barrier of its kind on the market for multi-use syringes. Additionally, the patent-pending application technique for this barrier virtually guarantees 100-percent prevention of cross-contamination between patients.

For more information, contact your local DENTSPLY Professional territory manager, call DENTSPLY Professional customer service at (800) 989-8826, or visit

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Chlorhexigard™ 0.12% Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse provides antimicrobial activity for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis. It reduces gingival redness, swelling, and bleeding. When used twice daily, Chlorhexigard™ promotes post-operative healing and reduces inflammation prior to planned dental procedures. Its pleasant mild, mint flavor promotes patient compliance.

For additional information, contact Pascal Co., Inc. at (800) 426-8051.

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Freedom promotion
Hu-Friedy announces the "Freedom At Your Fingertips!™ national promotion which runs from Feb. 1 through March 31. The promotion features all Hu-Friedy ultrasonic inserts, including the new Satin Swivel™ Ultrasonic Insert.

Hu-Friedy ultrasonic inserts are efficient at lower power settings and feature color-coded resin handles, improved water delivery, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Promotion details are: Buy any 6 ultrasonic inserts, get any 2 ultrasonic inserts free. Buy any 4 ultrasonic inserts, get any 1 ultrasonic insert free.

The promotion is available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers. For more details, contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative, or call (800) Hu-Friedy.

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Interdental Cleaners
Thornton Interdental Cleaners, from Thornton International, is a five-inch, bushy, yarn-like cleaning element with a 2½-inch, sturdy threader built right onto each end of the pre-cut strand. The cleaning section has several times the cleaning surface of conventional proxy brushes and the convenience of not having to use a separate floss threader makes this product a favorite with hygienists and patients alike.

For more information, call (800) 445-3567 or visit

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Great Paste — Great Price
Dental Resources has reformulated its prophy paste so it has characteristics similar to its main competition. The new formula is nonsplattering, tastes great, and is very economical. The paste is available in fine, medium, and coarse grits.

For more information or free samples, call Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276 today. Order today and get a free bag of sampler nonlatex prophy angles with every box of paste.

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