Tabletop scaler combines three units into one

March 1, 2012
At the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting last month, Electro Medical Systems (EMS) launched the Air-Flow Master Piezon.

At the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting last month, Electro Medical Systems (EMS) launched the Air-Flow Master Piezon. This versatile tabletop unit is a combination of all three major EMS technologies: Piezon ultrasonic scaler with the latest “no pain” technology, Air-Flow supragingival air polisher, and Perio-Flow subgingival glycine powder air polishing (GPAP). This is the ultimate device for periodontal disease management.

The Piezon ultrasonic scaler has all of the power (1-8 watts) you need in an ultrasonic device, and all of the comfort your patients want. Based on feedback between the tip, the handpiece, and the module (brain) inside the unit, the “no pain” technology interprets how much power is needed to get the job done. If the clinician has the power (watts) set higher than needed, the unit will automatically lower the power by one watt to ensure patient comfort. The opposite is also true. If the power is set too low for the load (calculus) the tip is encountering, the “no pain” technology will increase the power by one watt, enough to increase effectiveness while keeping the patient comfortable, essentially a seamless power change.

The “no pain” technology also reduces the risk of root damage by lessening the impact of the tip on the root surface. Because the unit, the tip, and the handpiece “talk” to one another to maintain the correct amount of energy, the clinician can expect maximum clinical outcomes with minimum cumulative impact.

The Perio-Flow (GPAP) portion of the unit allows the clinician to remove subgingival biofilm in about five seconds per site (six sites per tooth), using a glycine-based powder. Research indicates that this device is not only safe, but has an amazing 99.9% biofilm removal rate. It’s the perfect device to use during periodontal therapy and ongoing periodontal maintenance.1,2

Also featured on this 3-in-1 unit is the Air-Flow supragingival technology. The Perio-Flow and Air-Flow handpiece can be quickly and easily exchanged to allow the clinician to use both types of air polishing on one patient. The unit detects which of the two technologies you have attached through the handpiece and sets the air pressure accordingly.

Since the device itself regulates the air pressure internally, including a reduction in pressure when the Perio-Flow handpiece is in use, it’s worry free for the clinician. It’s impossible to use subgingival air polishing with the wrong psi.

EMS is responsible for another new innovative system called V-Class. This system allows for the changing of tips with a half turn instead of the traditional 10 turns. As an added bonus, the V-Tips are made with the same alloy EMS uses for surgical tips; therefore, they last 25% longer!

Currently, EMS has four units that can come configured in V-Class: Air-Flow Master Piezon, Piezon Master 700, miniMaster LED and Air-Flow S2. Here’s the really good news. If you already own one of the units mentioned, you can upgrade your existing system to V-Class by purchasing a new handpiece and tips. There is no need to buy a completely new unit. Because of the time saved by applying the tip in half a turn, using a larger variety of tips (like the area-specific right and left curves) is easier than ever, allowing us to achieve optimal clinical results. Contact EMS and ask for a demo by calling (800) 367-0367 or (972) 690-8382 or visit for more details.

Have you tried the Mystic Cup prophy angle by Prophy Magic? These latex-free, disposable prophy angles have unique diamond shaped “bumps” on the outer surface of the cup that improve interproximal and lingual cleaning. The combined design of internal ribs and external bumps not only delivers superior stain removal but also decreases splatter, a bonus for the patient and the clinician. Because you order these angles directly from the manufacturer, the cost ranges from 27 to 50 cents each, depending upon the quantity. Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report concluded 61% of evaluators stated they would incorporate the Mystic Cup prophy angles into their practice, and 87% rated it excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues (and I concur).

Let me also mention that the ergonomically designed, fully autoclavable Hygiene Handpiece by Prophy Magic features a 360-degree swivel with 5k rpm. It weighs less than 3 ounces and comes with a one-year warranty. If you are in need of a new handpiece, you can get this one at no cost when you buy the prophy angles in bulk. Call Prophy Magic at (866) 546-2442 for details or visit their website,

When it comes to probing and getting accurate, consistent measurements, especially from clinician to clinician, you might want to give Hu-Friedy’s new Colorvue Perioscreen probe a try. You can use this ergonomic probe for a quick periodontal screening or for comprehensive charting. The probe features an easy-to-read, red-and-green color-coding system in 3-5-7-10 or 3-6-9-12. The larger metal handle is ergonomic and also recyclable since the tip can be replaced, making this probe a greener solution than other plastic probing systems. Check out promotion specials at or call (800) 483-7433 for more information.

As always, drop me a note and let me know what your favorite products are.


1. Moene R, Decaillet F, Anderson E, Mombelli A. Subgingival plaque removal using a new air-polishing device, J. Periodontology, 2010, 81:79-88.
2. Flemmig TF, Arushanov D, Daubert D, Rothen M, Mueller G, Leroux BG. Randomized controlled trial assessing efficacy and safety of glycine powder air polishing in moderate to deep periodontal pockets, Journal of Periodontology Online, August 23rd 2011.

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