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Product Report

Sept. 1, 2008
For more in-depth details on these products, please use the Reader’s Service card.

For more in-depth details on these products, please use the Reader’s Service card.

Develop long-term, loyal patients with free CD

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CareCredit is offering a free educational CD, “Four Steps to Amazing! Patient Relationships,” featuring Amy Morgan, CEO of the Pride Institute. Ms. Morgan explains how the journey to amazing patient relationships has four critical steps, each an opportunity to build trust, patient partnerships, and long-term loyalty. She also discusses key behavior motivators and how they influence patients’ commitment to optimal oral health.

Call (800) 300-3046 ext. 4519 (if new to CareCredit) or (800) 859-9975 (if already enrolled) or visit

Hu-Friedy’s new additions to Nevi scaler series

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Hu-Friedy introduces the Nevi 3 and Nevi 4 — two new additions to the Nevi series of posterior sickle scalers. The Nevi 3 features super-thin blades coupled with contra-angle bends for access to the tightest contacts. The Nevi 4 showcases increased shank rigidity and tapered cutting blades for easy removal of burnished and challenging calculus.

Call (800) HU-FRIEDY or visit

Prophy Plus and PHP-100 handpieces from Pro-Dex

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The PHP-100 is time-proven, small, and lightweight, with all of the premium features you expect. The Prophy Plus offers the same features in a lightweight, ergonomically styled handpiece. Both handpieces are lube-free, saving time and money. Their unique speed control ring at the base of the handpieces provides control of optimal speed from 0 to 4,000 rpm. They may be used with virtually any DPA or sealed autoclavable prophy angle, and come with a two-year warranty.

Visit or call (800) 562-6204

A variety of durable DPAs by Allpro

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Allpro combines its durable disposable angles with its tapered, white nylon brush for real stain-cutting capability. It’s excellent for use on occlusal surfaces as well as around bands and brackets — perfect for getting into those small recesses. Each DPA is individually wrapped.

Call (800) 243-2285 for samples or e-mail [email protected]

Ultimate saliva control from Microcopy

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NeoDrys® ReFlective keeps the parotid gland in check for more than 15 minutes, far outlasting cotton rolls and other absorbent pads. The bright, reflective backing provides superior illumination in the oral cavity, while the Comfort Edge® maximizes patient comfort. Work productively while performing sealants, composites, cementations, crown and bridge, impressions, orthodontics, and laser dentistry.

Call (800) 235-1863 for a free sample, and visit

Comfort and performance from Tess

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The new Accent brush has a compact head with color-coordinated soft bristles surrounded by extra-soft bristles for a comfortable cleaning. The contoured clear handle features a rubber thumb rest for easy gripping. This brush is suitable for teens and adults. Imprinting is available, including your custom logo, with fast turnaround times. Made in the USA.

Call (800) 762-1765 or visit

Dental Health CoQ10 Complex from Oxyfresh

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Dental Health CoQ10 Complex supports total body health. It is formulated with the richest concentrations of nature’s most powerful antioxidant sources and herbal extracts to protect against periodontal disease and to support heart health, while delivering nutritional support to other vital systems in the body. These chewable supplements have a refreshing citrus flavor and are formulated with the potent antioxidant Coenzyme Q10, clinically proven to protect against cardiovascular disease.

Call (800) 333-7374 or visit

SmartMouth™ provides 12 hours of fresh breath

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SmartMouth mouthwash from Triumph Pharmaceuticals is the only mouthwash clinically proven to provide fresh breath for 12 hours —12 times longer than any other mouthwash available today. It is alcohol-free and effective for common and chronic bad breath. It will not stain teeth, fillings, dentures, or crowns, and is safe for patients with diabetes. SmartMouth is recommended for adults and children six years old and older.