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Aug. 1, 2011
Cranberry USA recently introduced Luv Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves.
Cranberry USA introduces Luv Nitrile gloves

Cranberry USA recently introduced Luv Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves. Luv Nitrile is formulated with a NuSoft formulation and coated with lanolin and vitamin E to minimize dry skin irritation. The gloves are fully textured for optimal grip, and mildly scented with tangerine-mint.


DentoSystem identifies at-risk periodontal patients

DentoSystem identifies patients at risk of developing chronic periodontitis. The program prognosticates disease progression down to individual teeth. DentoRisk is an Internet service, providing real-time assessment for periodontitis through a web-interface; the dental professional enters patient information into a secure system and receives results instantly. If an elevated risk is indicated, DentoRisk includes a second level where information from a detailed periodontal examination is entered. DentoPlan uses the patient information and results obtained from DentoRisk to provide the dental professional with decision support when evaluating intervention options. DentoTest is a proprietary patch (skin provocation) test for evaluation of an individual’s inflammatory response.

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Ultradent launches Flor-Opal fluoride varnish

Ultradent recently released Flor-Opal Varnish White, a fluoride varnish with an innovative syringe and tip
delivery system. The new system comes complete with Ultradent’s SoftEZ tip for a paintbrush-like application that applies an even coat of varnish. Individual syringes are packaged with a Luer Lock cap that is replaced with an empty syringe prior to application. The SoftEZ tip has a unibody design that avoids fiber shedding and tip clogging. The Flor-Opal Varnish White is available in 40-packs of bubblegum and mint flavors.Call (800) 552-5212

MIS Implants develops Perio Patch oral wound barrier

MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., recently launched PerioPatch — a topical patch created to absorb wound exudates. PerioPatch is ideal for patients with inflamed or irritated gums, wounds, injuries, and ulcerations, whether they are naturally occurring, or as the result of braces, dentures, or dental procedures. The patch forms a protective seal over the affected gingiva and oral mucosa, providing relief from pain while promoting natural healing.

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Patterson Dental develops CAESY Cloud

Patterson Dental Supply, Inc. recently introduced CAESY Cloud, an online portal giving instant access to CAESY DVD multimedia presentations via the Cloud, and compatible with PC and Mac desktop computers, Smartphones, and the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. With CAESY Cloud, dental professionals will have access to valuable patient education resources from multiple locations at the same time. CAESY Cloud requires no installation; dental professionals simply sign up for the service (monthly subscription fee) for immediate chairside use.

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Tess offers its alternative to Halloween candy

Tess’s Halloween toothbrushes can be personalized with a logo and/or other information. It is available in
adult and child sizes with a minimum quantity of 72 brushes and available in black and orange. Orders ship in three days or less while supplies last.

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Blatchford product focuses on ‘Bu$iness of Hygiene’

Dr. Bill Blatchford’s product, “The Bu$iness of Hygiene,” encourages a stronger business partnership between doctors and hygienists, particularly with sales conversations that put the patient in the driver’s seat. The box includes DVDs, CDs, iPod, Notebook, two Blatchford books, and Power Questions. The introductory price is $295.

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SmarTip adapter eliminates guessing about air pressure

OSspray, Ltd. recently announced the introduction of Sylc Prophy Therapy with SmarTip Technology, a dry powder delivery system. The SmarTip adapter features a built-in air pressure regulator that eliminates the air pressure guesswork. The Sylc Therapeutic Prophy Powder is composed of natural tooth minerals designed to remove mild to moderate stains, desensitize, and restore the tooth structure to create an enamel-like layer for long-term protection from acid challenges in one simple procedure.

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Perioptix launches MicroLine Flip-Ups

Perioptix, Inc. recently introduced MicroLine Flip-Ups loupes, which are available on Adidas sports frames in multiple color choices. Prescription lenses can be added with optional insert.

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