Sept. 20, 2016
For more in-depth details on these products, please use the Reader's Service card.

For more in-depth details on these products, please use the Reader's Service card.

EleFriend Toothbrush by Baby Banana

The makers of the Baby Banana Brush designed the EleFriend for three- to six-year olds. EleFriend features a thick base with small soft bristles. The neck is flexible for safer brushing. The company said the product responds to the demands of parents whose children were first introduced to oral hygiene habits through the Baby Banana brush.

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CamX Elara by Air Techniques, Inc.

CamX Elara is an intraoral camera that features eight white LEDs and is always in focus from 5-35 mm. The camera features a tactile image capture confirmation; a short vibration informs the practitioner that an image has been captured. Capture buttons are located on the top and bottom of the cameras.

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EyeZoom Mini by Orascoptic

The EyeZoom Mini is a loupe that employs two-step variable magnification technology between 2.5x and 3.5x power. The loupe invites the user to zoom in to view finer details and zoom out for a wider field of view, encouraging efficiency in the operatory. The EyeZoom Mini is available on Orascoptic's Legend, Rave, Rydon, and Victory frames. The loupe is available in a through-the-lens (TTL) configuration.

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BrushyBall instructs and teeth light up in six sections to focus brushers on the surfaces of all teeth for two minutes. The personal brushing coach was developed as a result of the inventor's experiences with his daughter as she learned to brush on her own. Brushers can select English, Spanish, or music solo. BrushyBall has a five-inch diameter and holds two standard toothbrushes. BrushyBall requires no set up, no apps, no Bluetooth, no tablets, and no phones.

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