June 18, 2016

Black Is White by Curaprox

Curaprox offers Black Is White whitening toothpaste. Stains are removed by activated carbon (which gives the toothpaste its color). The flavoring is lime, and Black Is White does not contain SLS, triclosan, or bleaching agents. Patients can use the toothpaste without any limitations. It is also available as White Is Black for an extra mild taste.

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HVE tongue cleaner by Vista Dental

The HVE tongue cleaner is specifically designed to remove biofilm from the patient's tongue during prophylaxis, disposing of the build-up through your high volume suction. The product, which fits all high-speed suction devises, is safe for both pediatric and adult patients. The tongue cleaner is autoclavable. The preventive product is recommended for use during all prophylaxis appointments.

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PhotOral by PhotOral, Inc.

PhotOral is an oral care device that uses smart light technology and blue LEDs to combat pathogenic bacteria. The hand-held device, which resembles a mouth guard, is inserted into the mouth twice a day for 60 seconds. The device is intended for use in conjunction with brushing and flossing. Collected data will seamlessly integrate with mobile health apps to add an extra layer of prevention and wellness monitoring. The device is offered for $229.

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