Chairs, accessories

March 1, 2006
A-dec Inc; 800-547-1883;; provides primary focus to innovate equipment that helps doctors perform healthier...

A-dec Inc; 800-547-1883;; provides primary focus to innovate equipment that helps doctors perform healthier, more efficient dentistry. Designs, builds, and markets much of what you see in the operatory, including chairs, stools, delivery systems, dental lights, cabinetry, handpieces and a full line of accessories, for the life of your pratice.

Ampco Dental Equipment Inc; 775-284-1010;; manufactures patient chairs, dental units, carts and lights.

Baldwin Professional Equipment Inc; 704-892-9321; [email protected]; sales and service of stools; patient chairs; cabinetry; and view boxes.

Beaverstate Dental Inc; 800-237-2303;; offers a line of dental operatories, delivery systems, vacuum groups, cuspidors and carts.

BEST; 907-456-3440;; provides new and used dental equipment and repairs.

Career Extenders; 866-704-8455;; the AnterioRest is an ergonomic chair accessory designed to reduce back pain.

Chapman-Huffman Inc; 541-382-7869; manufactures and distributes quality dental components and replacement parts through a worldwide dealer network. Product categories include handpiece controls, trays and arms, bulbs, accessories, service tools, electrical components, foot controls, fiberoptics, tubing, regulators, fittings, valves, water and oil removal filters, holders, vacuums, syringes and water heaters.

Crescent Products; 800-989-8085;; product line includes acccesories for chairs such as pillows, mattress supports, and headrests.

Crown Seating; 303-693-1104;; product line includes chairs for hygienists and women.

DCI Equipment; 800-853-3822; offers quality dental equipment at an economical price. Product offerings include chairs, delivery systems and operatory lights that are trouble-free for years to come.

Dental Equipment Liquidators; 727-863-5500;; buys, sells and trades used/refurbished dental equipment and supplies.

DentalEZ Group; 610-725-8004;; Encompasses five distinct product brands - StarDental®, DentalEZ®, CustomAir® and RAMVAC®. The DentalEZ Group manufactures everything in the operatory, from handpieces, to chairs, to vacuum systems, to dental simulation models, creating a complete line of products to elevate the health, comfort and efficiency of the dental operatory.

Dentech Corp; 360-354-3978;

DNTLworks Equipment Corp; 303-693-1410;; manufactures portable, mobile and self-contained dental equipment. Offers 19 years of experience and name recognition to the growing segments of portable dentistry and hygiene.

Engle Dental Systems Inc; 503-359-9390;; manufactures quality dental chairs, dental units, dental lights, dental stools and dental carts.

Estrada Dental Supply Co; 909-989-2088;; offers used refurbished dental equipment, upholstery kits for dental chairs and stools and new dental units.

Health Science Products Inc (HSP); 205-251-0500;; provides operatory equipment versatile enough for true four-handed or non-assisted dentistry, designed from federally funded time and motion studies and university and dental school research over two decades, with actual application by practitioners since 1969 and is acknowleged as an aseptic, ergonomic, efficient, productive, and maitenance-free type of equipment.

KaVo Dental Corp; 888-275-5286;; provides quality and solutions for all operatory equipment. including chairs and units.

LSM Dental Equipment; 800-824-8265;

Marus Dental; 800-304-5332;; offers a range of dental products, including dental chairs, stools, delivery systems, lights and cabinetry.

Midmark; 800-643-6275;; full line of high-quality products for the dental, medical, and digital diagnostic markets helps providers deliver more efficient patient care.

Orascoptic (div of Kerr Corp); 800-369-3698;; product line includes BodyGuard chairs.

Pelton & Crane; 800-659-6560;; offers a complete line of dental operatory equipment, including chairs, delivery units, lights and an extensive line of cabinetry.

RGP Inc.; 800-522-9695;; the company’s “Swedish Seating System” produces a variety of ergonomic seating.

Royal Dental Mfg; 616-772-2133;; engineers dental chairs for durability and designs to afford the operator maximum access to the oral cavity with patient comfort.

Scandex Co LLC; 888-245-1367;; distributes Bruno, the original Swedish support stool, and the saddle stool, Belmont. Bruno’s deeply sculptured seat and fluidly synchronized seat/back adjustment ensure posture-perfect seating. The saddle stool, Belmont, improves posture and is ideal for personnel who reach and move around frequently.

Sewell Direct; 800-709-1345 ;; head-mounted iTheater Personal Theater System is an accessory that provides entertainment to seated dental patients.

Sirona Dental Systems; 800-659-5977;; offers a complete line of dental equipment, including CAD/CAM (CEREC and in Lab), treatment centers and cabinetry, instruments, and imaging systems.

Summit Dental Systems (SDS); 800-275-3368;; manufactures quality dental and orthodontic operatory equipment, which includes hydraulic chairs, dental lights, delivery systems, orthodontic cabinets and stools.

TPC Advanced Technology Inc; 626-810-4337;; manufactures dental chairs, delivery systems, operatory lights, X-ray viewers, mobile cabinetry, flat-screen monitors and brackets, and film mounts.

Upholstery Packages & Services; 828-651-0161;; manufactures new, replacement upholstery for patient chairs, doctor and assistant stools. Factory reupholstery of patient chairs, doctor and assistant stools.

Westar Medical Products Inc; 425-290-3945;; provides general patient chairs, orthodontic chairs, oral surgery chairs, and delivery systems for over the patient, rear delivery, radius and carts.