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Dec. 1, 2001
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Welcome to the next generation in oral hygiene — the real solution to bad breath
Americans spend over $1 billion a year on mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays, drops, gums, and other products that only mask mouth odor temporarily, not eliminate it.

As the dental profession has long known, 90 percent of all bad breath is actually foul-smelling gases produced by bacteria that reside on the surface of the tongue. Research shows that eliminating this bacteria via mechanical removal will significantly minimize breath malodor.

Dr. Wieder's Original Tung-Brush® looks like a toothbrush, but was designed with the unique characteristics of a scrub brush to effectively remove bacteria from the tongue's surface without damaging delicate tissue. Specially designed firm bristles reach into crevices and lift out bacteria where odor originates. The shorter bristles allow for easier access when reaching the back of the tongue where the bacteria thrive.

The Tung-Brush® is available nationwide in drugstores or for more information, visit

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Hold on to the taste of summer with Denti-Care's cool flavors of prophy paste
Are your patients growing weary of the same old prophy paste flavors? Look no further ... choose Denti-Care's® Prophy Paste. You can make a difference this winter by offering exciting COOL natural flavors your patients will enjoy. To experience a vision of relaxing on a sunny paradise island, choose dreamy Pina Colada. Denti-Care® also offers three all-time classic favorites: Mint, Cherry, and Bubble-Gum.

Denti-Care® Prophy Paste is a low-splatter formula that quickly removes stains and rinses out easily. Offered in fine, medium, and coarse-grit size. The paste contains fluoride and is packaged in a convenient 200 unit-dose box to eliminate cross-contamination. Compare and save with an introductory special: Buy four, get one free. Medicom, Inc. developed the product and it is available through dental distributors.

For more product information, contact Medicom at (800) 308-6589 or visit

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Teeth-Light II diagnostic light
Teeth-Light II illuminates even inaccessible areas. It is a safe diagnostic instrument for the dentist. Dark areas within the mouth can be checked and caries can quickly be detected. The cordless instrument with high luminous power offers comfort during intraoral use. The handpiece and removable light pin are sterilizable up to 140°. Light pins are also available as replacements (straight or bent).

The light pins are connected to the handpiece by a new uncomplicated plug-in connection. When pressing the new release button, which is placed in an ergonomic position, the unit is ready for use.

For more information, contact Yeti Dental at 07733/9410-0.

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Two brushes for the price of one!
The Benda Microtwin features precision microfiber bristles at either end, and the BendaTwin features precision-cut brushes. Either style can be snapped in half at a score line and can bend at multiple points to simplify application. Thick handles enhance the grip. Both styles are suitable for applying etchants, bonding agents, sealers, etc. Both styles come in your choice of pink or blue and are supplied in dispenser boxes of 200 or 400 brushes.

For more information, contact Centrix, Inc. at (800) 235-5862 or visit

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Hager Worldwide introduces Mirror Suction
Now for the first time, both preparation and scaling can be performed by the dentist without the aid of an assistant. No more mirror fogging! Mirror Suction is scratch-resistant, durable, rust-resistant/stainless steel, sterilizable, easy to install, and compatible with any suction system. The mirror has a four-in-one function: acts as a tongue guard, will mouth retract, provides excellent aspiration, and is a front-surface mirror.

For additional information or to place an order, call HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335 or visit

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Triple-colored extra pro mouthguards
Dental Resources has added three colors to its triple-layered, laminated Proform mouthguard product. The extra-thick laminate is available now in solid colors, two colors, and the new three-colored format. The laminated materials are made of three layers of strong EVA material all bonded together into one extra-thick sheet of mouthguard material. This lamination gives the mouthguard a stronger internal tensile strength and better abrasion resistance over sheet-resin materials. The triple-color laminates are available in a minimum of 24 sheets.

For more information, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

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Denti-Care adds grape flavor
Denti-Care's® 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Gel antimicrobial formula assists in providing extra protection against tooth decay at home. In as little as two weeks, patients may also experience reduced bleeding and relief from tooth sensitivity.

Denti-Care's® 0.4% stannous gel, in a glycerin base, is water insoluble and highly effective in inhibiting plaque accumulation between brushings. It may also be used for periodontal patients, orthodontics, root caries, recurrent decay, and patients with reduced salivary flow. It contains fluorides to help prevent caries and provides a protective fluoridated layer to block tubules.

Flavor choices include grape, mint, berry, and bubble gum. Denti-Care® stannous gel is packaged in a convenient nonprescription 4.3 oz. home-use bottle along with instructions for use. Promotional offer: Buy 10 bottles, get two free. All Medicom products are available through your local dental dealer.

For additional product information, call (800) 308-6589 or visit

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Tetric® Ceram™ Heavy Body
Ivoclar Vivadent now offers three unique consistencies within the Tetric Ceram "family" designed to satisfy different indications and personal preferences: Tetric Flow, Tetric Ceram, and the newly introduced Tetric Ceram HB (Heavy Body).

Tetric Ceram HB is applied in increments of up to 2.5 mm, which cure within just 20 seconds due to a unique initiator system.

With six shades and excellent polishing properties, Tetric Ceram HB enables dentists to achieve highly esthetic results in the posterior region. The material is highly radiopaque, allowing for easy detection on dental X-rays.

Tetric Ceram HB is available in syringes as well as the new unit-dose cavifils, which have been specially developed for the direct placement heavy body materials.

For more details, call Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. at (800) 533-6825 in the U.S. or (800) 263-8182 in Canada.

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NaviTip™ w/Skini Syringe
Ultradent Products, Inc. introduces the NaviTip™ for use in endodontic treatments.

The NaviTip™ is an effective endodontic tip for delivering materials closely to the apex. NaviTip™ features a 30-gauge cannula tip designed to navigate curved canals to near the apex. The NaviTip's hub and shank give needed strength for canal insertion, while the flexible rounded end effectively negotiates curve canals.

For additional information, call (800) 552-5512 or visit

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Great Paste — Great Price
Dental Resources has reformulated its prophy paste so it has characteristics similar to its main competition. The new formula is nonsplattering, tastes great, and is very economical.

The paste is available in fine, medium, and coarse grits. For additional information or free samples, call Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276 today.

Order today and get a free bag of sampler non-latex prophy angles with every box of paste.

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Jaw Joint Protector
Masel Enterprises, the innovator of Orthodontic Mouthguards, announces the new Jaw Joint Protector — formerly known as the WIPSS Jaw Joint Protector.

The JJP works on all dentition — with or without orthodontic brackets. It provides maximum protection against the hardest and toughest trauma to the jaw or mouth. The JJP is clinically proven superior to stock, typical boil-and-bite, and pressure-laminated mouthguards. It not only protects the upper and lower dentition, but also prohibits TMJ problems and reduces concussion by cushioning the condyle joint. The JJP allows your patients to breathe, talk, and spit while in place.

For additional information or a free sample, call (800) 344-7235 or visit

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A revolution in dental flossing ...
The easy-to-use Ultimate Flosser is ideal for people of all ages, including the elderly or arthritic individuals. It virtually eliminates the difficulty or finger pain associated with the common method of flossing, which makes flossing fun and promotes good oral hygiene.

Simply wind the floss into place and begin flossing. The floss advances at the click of a button. The special tension mechanism keeps constant floss tension. No more constant rewinding of floss. Floss refills are available.

For additional information, contact Almore International, Inc. at (800) 547-1511 or visit