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Tidings of comfort

Dec. 1, 2009
There is nothing quite like a cozy blanket to keep away the night's chill. Similarly, bundling a comfortable cover tightly around an apprehensive child offers soothing security.

There is nothing quite like a cozy blanket to keep away the night's chill. Similarly, bundling a comfortable cover tightly around an apprehensive child offers soothing security. The good news in regard to the dental environment is that anxious patients need not fear the comforting care their hygienists give. Additionally, when patients bring along comfort items to their appointments, they feel more at ease. A favorite stuffed animal or action hero to hold or even an iPod filled with music can provide an extra sense of security during treatment. But did you know that even daily–use dental products can deliver added comfort?

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During hygiene care, when the mouth is filled with saliva and blood and prophy paste slurry, an improperly placed saliva ejector can uncomfortably pinch tissues. Not all basic saliva ejectors are alike on the end that allows the fluids to be suctioned. Perhaps you may have noticed a red star shape or blood–filled tissue where the suction tip was sitting on tender aspirated tissues and uncomfortably left a mottled mark. Several dental companies recognized the need for nonaspirating, comfortable suction tips.

Crosstex Company has a premium, one–time–use saliva ejector aptly named Comfort Plus. The ejector is flexible with wire reinforcement to hold the desired shape, yet offer maximum fluid removal. The round tip has saliva–sucking slots and a closed end. This rounded end allows the tip to be placed on mucosa, even for an extended length of time, without traumatizing tissue. The opaque ejector removes debris but prevents patients from seeing the fluids through the tube, which in some instances protects squeamish patients by keeping debris out of sight.

Indigreen Innovations offers another straightforward saliva ejector. The Total Comfort Aspirator is white with a blue tissue–friendly tip. It also has a cushioned soft end that offers fluid–free flow without locking onto adjacent oral tissue. This latex–free aspirator is a great choice for patients with latex allergies. Because the tip is hypoallergenic, you can rest it safely along the outer cheek to chin for at–risk patients.

For the clinician, comfort is always a must. A scratchy mask is annoying. Sultan Healthcare responded to this need with a line of masks which offers filtration and wearability. The Com–Fit line includes the Com–Fit Super Sensitive mask in an earloop design. For those who require masks free of perfumes or dyes, this mask may be an option. A cellulose layer that is hypoallergenic lines the mask adjacent to the face. The sensitive mask offers a high filtration of 99% particle filtration at 0.1 micron for personal protection.

When patients think of caring for their mouths comfortably, flossing is not generally their first thought. DenTek Oral Care begs to differ with the introduction of a Comfort Clean Floss Pick and Comfort Tongue Cleaner. The floss picks have an angled side strung with silk floss to slide comfortably into contacts and onto tender tissues. The disposable floss pick has a textured tip for tongue use. What's more, try the new Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner with its easy–to–grip handle. This tongue cleaner is easily and comfortably controlled when taken over the tongue.

Having a restful sleep might be as simple as nuzzling under the cozy comfort of a blanket. So roll over, wrap yourself under the comfort of the cover, and rest assured when the time comes to recommend comfort products.

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