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Product Report

Aug. 1, 2010
Hager Worldwide recently introduced the Duration Air/Water Syringe Tips.
Hager introduces stainless steel tip to eliminate waste

Hager Worldwide recently introduced the Duration Air/Water Syringe Tips. Imagine the environmental impact if every practice stopped sending more than 4,000 single-use plastic air/water syringe tips to landfills each year. The medical grade stainless steel tips feature a spray pattern with multiport air ports, and save the average practice more than $4,000 over a five-year period with Duration vs. cost of disposables. Duration is backed by a five-year warranty, and a percentage of Duration sales is donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

Visit or call (800) 328-2335

Archtek’s Toothpaste Tablets offer green alternative

Archtek Inc. recently launched Toothpaste Tablets, an environmentally friendly alternative to the approximately 540 million tubes that are dumped in landfills each year in the United States. Unlike paste in a tube, after each unit dose tablet is used, the bottle is fully recyclable. Each tablet contains a patented cranberry extract additive. Archtek’s Toothpaste Tablets contain 60 tablets and are available in three flavors: cool mint, bubblegum, and orange mint.

Visit or call (800) 763-8129

Zila develops exam mirror to aid in oral cancer screenings

Zila recently introduced an angled exam mirror as part of the ViziLite Plus oral lesion identification and marking system. The autoclavable mirror attaches to the top of the ViziLite Plus lightstick retractor, enhancing dental professionals’ ability to see oral lesions during a comprehensive oral cancer screening procedure.


CariFree develops xylitol candy

CariFree recently developed Xyli-Tots Lollies, which are sugar-free and contain xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar substitute that targets cavity-causing bacteria and decreases acidity. The Xyli-Tots Lollies come in five flavors: cherry chuckles, citrus smile, grape giggles, lime laughs, and raspberry riddles.


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