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Feb. 1, 2011
Dentamerica's Micromax cordless prophylaxis handpiece offers convenient portability, and features a high torque and a brushless motor ...
Dentamerica offers cordless handpiece

Dentamerica's Micromax cordless prophylaxis handpiece offers convenient portability, and features a high torque and a brushless motor with forward/reverse functions. The reciprocating setting is available without the use of an additional attachment. The Micromax offers nine rotation speeds for different applications. The handpiece weighs 150g and is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The Micromax accepts all brands of prophy cups and disposable prophy angles.


Dentisse rinse emphasizes natural ingredients

Dentisse recently launched Natural Solution oral rinse as an option to consumers interested in natural oral care products. Natural Solution is an alcohol-free oral rinse that contains aloe vera and xylitol. A blend of essential oils neutralizes odor-causing bacteria without any burning and drying. The formula moisturizes the mouth and contains baking soda to neutralize acids. Dentisse Natural Solution oral rinse retails for $14.99.


Sunstar targets kids with Pip-Squeaks toothbrushes

Sunstar Americas has partnered with Crayola to add the Pip-Squeaks characters to its line of Crayola kids' brushes. The Pip-Squeaks brushes are available in four colors with four different Pip-Squeaks faces and hand positions. A suction-cup base reduces bathroom counter clutter and keeps the brush head clean between usage. Pip-Squeaks appeal to both boys and girls and eliminates the need for separate inventory in the dental office. For Children's Dental Health Month in February, Sunstar offers a combination package of two of its GUM Crayola products: Buy four dozen of the Crayola Pip-Squeaks or Crayola Marker brushes, and receive one box of Crayola Flossers plus a set of chairside education cards free.


SeLect Defense sealant adds antibacterial barrier

Element34 Technology recently introduced a line of plaque-inhibiting dental sealants marketed under the name SeLect Defense. With a similar application to other sealants, SeLect Defense provides an antibacterial barrier on the tooth surface. The antimicrobial agent is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.


Dentaplex samples, display offered

MediNiche is offering dental practitioners in the United States a choice of a free Dentaplex product display for office use and/or patient coupons (each good for a free bottle of Dentaplex). Dentaplex is a vitamin/mineral supplement for teeth and gums. The Dentaplex formulation is built on a "C-complex" of calcium, vitamin C, and carotene, and high potency levels of B-complex vitamins.

Visit or call (888) 325-2395

Hu-Friedy develops a thinner Swivel insert

Hu-Friedy recently introduced the Swivel XT Ultrasonic Insert, a thinner insert that can reach and remove heavy debris from interproximal and subgingival areas. The insert is thin enough to clean subgingivally and interproximally, but also robust enough to efficiently and effectively remove moderate to heavy calculus at lower power settings. The Swivel XT features a large-diameter grip that maximizes clinician comfort and enhances tactile sensitivity. In addition, the instrument's durability is enhanced through a proprietary blend of stainless steel.

Call (800) hu-freidy

Dentsply, GSK join forces on NovaMin products

Dentsply International and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) recently announced a system of dental office products (Nupro) for patients suffering from dentin hypersensitivity and at-home products (Sensodyne) for high-risk caries patients. GSK acquired NTI, the inventors of NovaMin, in 2009. The collaboration resulted in a Nupro Sensodyne prophy paste, a Sensodyne Nupro Professional toothpaste, and Sensodyne.

Call (800) 989-8826 or visit

Denticator introduces charactors on Zooby prophy angles

Denticator is pleased to announce the arrival of Penelope the Penguin, Talon the Tiger, Zoe the Zebra, Francesca the Flamingo, and Chase the Cheetah! These playful characters team together to form Zoobys – a new line of disposable prophy angles brought to you exclusively by Denticator. The five unique and patient-friendly angles feature a soft web, low splatter, and latex-free cup for easy operation. Zoobys were originally envisioned by Dr. Marilyn Sandor, a pediatric dentist based in Naples, Fla. (

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