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Product Report

April 1, 2006
Sunstar Butler introduces its GUM brand chlorhexidine gluconate mouth rinse - the first and only FDA-approved CHX rinse in the United States which contains no alcohol.

GUM® brand chlorhexidine rinse 0.12%

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Sunstar Butler introduces its GUM brand chlorhexidine gluconate mouth rinse - the first and only FDA-approved CHX rinse in the United States which contains no alcohol. All other chlorhexidine gluconate rinses sold in the U.S. contain 11.6% alcohol by volume. With its lack of alcohol, all your patients can use the new 0.12% CHX rinse. This includes those susceptible to dry mouth conditions, irritation of soft tissues, mucositis, or patients who are sensitive to alcohol. The efficacy of non-alcohol CHX rinses is supported by a number of clinical and in vitro studies (available upon request).

The new CHX rinse will be exclusively available from dental professionals, who have the opportunity to counsel patients on how and why to use it. This also allows patients to obtain the product without time-consuming prescription filling.

For more information, call (800) 528-8537 or visit

ViziLite® oral lesion I.D. and marking system

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The newest tool in the fight against oral disease is the ViziLite Plus oral lesion identification and marking system from Zila Pharmaceuticals. It combines the oral screening technology of ViziLite, an advanced chemiluminescent light technology to help detect oral abnormalities, with TBlue630, a marking system using Zila® Tolonium Chloride (ZTC), the only patented pharmaceutical-grade form of toluidine blue that has been cleared by the FDA for use in marking lesions identified during a ViziLite examination.

ViziLite Plus makes oral screening more comprehensive than ever before, and is indicated for use in individuals at increased risk of oral cancer. If ViziLite reveals an abnormality, TBlue630 can be used to mark suspicious lesions for further evaluation.

For more information, call (866) 945-2776 or e-mail [email protected].

Hear-Safe safeguards your hearing

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Success Essentials of Space Maintainers Laboratory introduces Hear-Safe. Hear-Safe is a new and revolutionary hearing protection device that is an absolute must for all dentists, assistants, hygienists, and technicians who have concern for their long-term hearing. This new audio protection ear interleave uses the same technology used for professional musicians. It drowns out the high-pitched handpiece, saliva ejector, and air noise, but allow you to hear the human voice clearly. Invest in your future hearing and protect yourself from hearing damage. Each Hear-Safe is custom made for comfort, and engineered for protection. The Hear-Safe kit includes everything you need for long-term hearing protection, easy-to-follow video instructions, and an ear impression kit. To order, call (800) 423-3270.

New ComfortView™ lip and cheek retractor

ComfortView is an innovative lip and cheek retractor that provides even retraction of the lips and cheeks for buccal and gingival access at the same time. The hands-free, two-in-one cheek and lip retractor offers maximum visibility and access to the working area without a second pair of hands or additional instruments. Anatomic design with cushioned lip supports ensures comfort during short and long procedures, and facilitates placement of the saliva ejector.

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The autoclavable ComfortView allows for visual and instrument access in diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive dental applications such as photography, prophylaxis, tooth preparation, bleaching, occlusal analysis, and other dental procedures.

For more information, visit or call Premier at (888) 773-6872.

Oasis® brings long-lasting moisturization

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GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare introduces Oasis Moisturizing Mouthwash and Oasis Moisturizing Mouth Spray - two new ways to help patients manage symptoms of xerostomia, commonly known as dry mouth. From the makers of Sensodyne, Oasis Mouthwash and Mouth Spray provide moisturization for up to two hours, and are formulated to hydrate the mouth, lock in moisture, and prevent drying out. Oasis Spray provides immediate moisturization and can be used throughout the day and night for discreet, convenient relief of symptoms.

Oasis is safe for use with fluoride-treatment products, and won’t harm tooth enamel. Both the Mouth Spray and Mouthwash have a mild mint flavor, are sugar-free, alcohol-free, and do not contain known allergens. Both are over-the-counter products, available at pharmacies and food stores nationwide.

For more information, visit or call (800) 652-5625.

New Zeon® Micro LumenArc™

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Orascoptic® continues its tradition of providing innovative vision-enhancement solutions by introducing a new Zeon Micro LumenArc “High Definition” light system that has a new, lightweight headlamp and fiberoptic cable. This system consists of Orascoptic’s Zeon LumenArc light source and a new micro cable that weighs 0.3 ounces and contains a small .75 x .5 inch bezel. The micro cable is approximately half the size and weight of the regular cable, and provides up to 3,500 foot candles of power. Combine this new light system with an Orascoptic high-definition loupe - HiRes or HiRes Plus - for maximum visual acuity and depth-of-field.

Experience Orascoptic’s Superior Visualization Systems. Call (800) 369-3698 or visit to make an appointment with your local Orascoptic sales representative.

Gold standard for implant patients

Sunstar Butler introduces a first-of-its-kind package of quality GUM® oral hygiene products designed for use by patients following implant surgery - the new GUM Implant Care Kit. Packaged in an attractive light blue shatter-proof plastic case, the kit includes eight quality implant-care products and instructions to provide optimum postsurgery home care. A single GUM Implant Care Kit contains the dental hygiene products needed to start the patient on a proper dental implant care program after surgery. The patient-education pamphlet contains $3 in retail coupons, which can be used to purchase additional GUM-brand products. A savings of time and money for the practice, the single kit makes it simple to control and manage inventory.

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The case is imprinted with the gold GUM logo and a business card for the practice can be easily inserted in the box, reminding patients that the quality GUM brand products were provided by their trusted dental professional. Packaged one dozen kits per case, Gold Plan members can purchase the kit for $76.80, and all customers will receive a coupon for one dozen free Delicate or other specialty toothbrushes with each dozen kits purchased.

For more information, call (800) 528-8537 or visit

Vacuum for aerosols and infection control

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DentAirVac Corporation, the originator of “at source” dental aerosol evacuators, will introduce its newest DAV System VI at the upcoming California Dental Association Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., booth number 2434. The DAV VI is designed to capture and filter external aerosols as they escape the oral cavity during various dental procedures. The DAV VI’s powerful vacuum targets particulate finer than 25 microns, entrains these potentially hazardous miasmic aerosols, and redirects them away from the immediate breathing area into a hands-free 3-inch diameter intake hose. The aerosols are taken through a series of filters, including a HEPA filter for particulates to 0.3 micron and a granulated carbon filter chemically activated to bind dental specific odors and vapors. The DAV VI’s castered footprint is a mere 12 x 12 x 15 inches and weighs only 30 pounds, but it has as much suction as previous DentAirVac systems sold worldwide for the past 14 years. Distributor inquiries are welcome.

For more information, call Michael Everett, president of DentAirVac Corporation, toll-free at (877) 336-8247, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Don’t just clean - Biotène!

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Now you can give your patients the benefits of Biotène Mouthwash pre- and post-procedurally with the all-new operatory-size Biotène Mouthwash. This one-gallon bottle with easy-to-use pump contains Biotène’s 100 percent alcohol-free mouthwash with patented enzyme LP3 complex, capable of killing harmful bacteria while maintaining healthy bacteria. As a daily rinse, Biotène Mouthwash quickly and effectively cleans, soothes, and moistens the mouth after all procedures. Its gentle, delicious mint formulation provides protection to dry, sensitive oral tissue while it neutralizes bad breath. And, Biotène Mouthwash is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener clinically proven to keep the mouth healthy.

For special introductory offers, call (800) 922-5856 or, for more information, visit

Bio Lube™ K-FORMULA for QUATTROcare

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Bio Lube TLC nano lubrication technology is now available for the KaVo QUATTROcare automatic handpiece maintenance station. TLC technology solves the problems associated with handpiece sterilization. It cures sluggish performance and increases turbine life 18 to 24 months beyond the standard warranty period - saving time and money on costly repairs. Bio Lube TLC forms a micro-thin polymer that withstands the extreme temperature of sterilization and provides lubrication through the entire dental procedure, whether it is two minutes or two hours. Bio Lube is food grade, nonflammable, biodegradable, and requires no HAZMAT shipping charges. Bio Lube cleaners and lubricants are guaranteed safe for all high-speed and low-speed handpieces, and are available through your favorite dental dealer.

For more details and to find out about the free introductory offer or manufacturer’s trial kit ($19.95 credit card orders only), visit or call (800) 880-0240.

A bright new light on plaque disclosants

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Sunstar Butler GUM® introduces Plak-Check, the mess-free disclosant. Plak-Check is a virtually “invisible” stain-free plaque disclosing system that is ideal for both children and adults, leaving no telltale stains. Plak-Check highlights harmful bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces, displaying areas where additional brushing and flossing are needed. It is available as a kit that includes individual dose units of sodium fluorescein liquid and a convenient battery-powered hand-held unit with a small mirror and blue light. Unlike other contrasting color disclosant products, a simple application of the fluorescein liquid presents a “glowing” effect on areas overlooked in daily oral care routines.

A retail version of Plak-Check also is available, so patients can continue this oral hygiene routine at home. For more information, call your local Sunstar Butler rep at (800) 528-8537 or visit

Oxyfresh introduces Power Paste gel

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Oxyfresh Worldwide has added a low-abrasion liquid gel toothpaste to its line of dental products. Power Paste, fortified with Oxyfresh’s exclusive odor-eliminator Oxygene®, is a gentle, non-staining toothpaste formulated to protect dental restorations, cosmetic enhancements, and tooth enamel. Unlike most toothpastes, Power Paste does not include the foaming ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), so it’s perfect for people who don’t care for high-foaming toothpaste. The lemon-mint flavor stimulates salivary glands to help prevent dry mouth. Power Paste, like Oxyfresh’s fluoride and non-fluoride toothpastes, is concentrated to last up to four times longer than ordinary toothpaste.

For more information, visit

New workbook on dental risk prevention

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A healthy, well-trained staff promotes a healthy, well-tuned practice. To address this need, the new Dental Risk Prevention for Auxiliaries teaches essential patient safety, recordkeeping, and risk-management strategies for the dental team. This 124-page workbook has real-life examples and guidelines for maximizing patient safety and satisfaction, and is ideal for self-assessments, staff meetings, or seminar presentations.

Key benefits include recognizing subtile differences in words to decrease litigation risks, correcting legally unsafe recordkeeping, improving patient communication to improve satisfaction, identifying areas of risk in your practice, and improving the quality of care and safety for patients.

For more information or to obtain sample pages, call (904) 573-2232 or visit

New dental hygiene irrigator from Vista

Vista Dental Products announces the versatility of its Hygiene Irrigator, the perfect compliment to ultrasonic and air polishers. The two-bottle, variable-pressure reservoir accommodates a variety of solutions. The built-in ultrasonic adapter is compatible for use with Vista’s Piezo Advantage ultrasonic scaler and all other scalers or air polishers.

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The Vista Dental Hygiene Irrigator offers on-button irrigation with the EZLock luer-lock irrigation tips for site-specific micro irrigation of pockets, fistulas, etc. Pass-through connection allows for use of bottles or operatory water. The Hygiene Irrigator includes the Irrigator Reservoir system, a stainless steel autoclavable Irrigator handpiece, a 250-pack of EZLock luer-lock tip adapters, your choice of wall, pole, or stand mounts, and the installation kit.

Additional product information and samples are available through Vista Dental Products. Call (877) 418-4782.

Revolutionary silicone-based flexible keyboard

Bash it, bump it, splash it, wash it! - GrandTec’s Virtually Indestructible Keyboard (VIK) still computes. The secrets to its appeal are flexibility, portability, affordability, and extreme durability. It can be easily carried almost anywhere - flattened out, rolled up, bent in half or just stuffed in a bag.

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Most important, it’s virtually unbreakable. You can drop it, drive a car over it; spill water, coffee, soda, and more over its keys; clean it with soap and water, disinfect it, and still keep typing. The VIK is compatible with both PCs and Macs, requires no special software, and features real keyboard action and silent typing. The VIK combines state-of-the-art technology with practical design to produce the perfect keyboard. Its “flat-out” design eliminates wrist stress, and its extreme durability and features make the VIK perfect for nearly any application. The VIK is available nationally from major retailers with either a 109-key or 85-key layout.

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For more information and disinfectant recommendations, visit For technical questions, call (214) 366-3496 or e-mail [email protected].